DIG Coin DIG was created to provide reasonable rates for those engaging in cloud mining contracts. The creation of a fund to offer these unprecedented rates to cloud miners was put up by building digital excavators.

The competitive prices provided through the platform are designed to help bring down costs globally especially with other vendors. The sale of DIG token will be made through an ICO scheduled to run from 17th February 2018 to 7th March 2018.

Why DIG Coin DIG?

Various factors have necessitated the creation of DIG Coin. They include:


It’s no secret that the blockchain is having severe challenges with transaction overload. The primary cause of such issues is lack of scalability. DIG Coin hopes to help resolve the scalability issues which will help hasten confirmation of transactions.


Since the coin is built on blockchain technology, there’s the benefit of advancing the principle of a decentralized network. Through this, more people will appreciate the technology and adapt it to various systems. There will also be increased participation in crypto mining contracts around the world.


The platform hopes to help save costs in regards to cloud mining. The high cost of mining equipment, power use, and blockchain fees have locked out many people from engaging in mining. The coin intends to bring down these costs and even challenge the other vendors to do so.


The company intends to hold a crowdsale to sell the DIG token from 17th February to 17th March 2018. A total of 35,000,000 DIG will be floated. Early investors who purchase the tokens within the first 48 hours will receive a special bonus of 20%.

Earning Using DIG Coin DIG

There are several ways from which users can make money by owning DIG Coin. One is through the platform’s lending program where an investor can earn passive income. To do so, one needs to purchase DIG Coins during the ICO or when they hit the exchange. After doing so, they can register with a cloud mining company that has partnered with DIG Coin and earn a safe passive income.

Alternatively, an investor can earn money through staking which is done by depositing DIGCoins into a wallet and gaining the interest of about 0.03%. By getting the DIG Coins, an investor will have access to many cloud mining contracts at fair rates. The coin will not be traded internally but rather in external free markets.

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