What Is Digi-ID?

Digi-ID is a revolutionary feature within the DigiByte ecosystem which allows for reliable and authentic login options for the users within the cryptocurrency space. Under the DigiByte Blockchain, Digi-ID will seek to employ a simple yet straightforward security system that allows the users to log into different websites and application through its technological advancements.

How Digi-ID DigiByte Blockchain Authentication Open Protocol Works

DIGI-ID will allow for fast and effortless sign-ups and sign-ins which eliminates the need to use the old usernames or passwords requirements. The DIGI-ID process involves the solution generating a unique QR code that the user scans in the DIGI-ID enabled websites. Additionally, there is the option of browsing the code using the DigiByte wallet and ascertain the login credentials within the secure environment on blockchain.

Digi-ID Features

The DIGI-ID technology plans on employing the following features to empower the authentication process through blockchain tech.


The blockchain-based cryptography will enable unfathomable security to allow for the authentication without the need for complex encryption


DIGI-ID users will not need to use the typical username, password or SMS-based authentication since the platform will complete each process through blockchain technology


With one installation, the DIGI-ID solution will allow for the readily built plugins or the potential user to also develop their service through the plugins

Terms Of Service

DIGI-ID is supposedly available for free to the users, with no future occurrence of in-app ads or potential future purchase.

Digi-ID Conclusion

The DigiByte platform seems to be building quite a reputation within the blockchain scene, and their latest solution in DIGI-ID looks like a potentially viable option to use. If the DIGI-ID succeeds in its website implementation, then the concept would fit within the crypto space especially with users who find it hard to remember their passwords or have weak logins.

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