Have you ever imagined a time when we could pay for everything using cryptocurrency? Be it shopping at your local store or paying for goods online. Sounds like a pipe dream?

Well, not anymore! DigiDex is a company dedicated to making this dream a reality by creating a new payment solution that will use its DigiDextoken to enable borderless transactions.

What Is DigiDex?

The DigiDextoken will enable real-time point of sale (POS) transactions directly from users’ private cryptocurrency wallets.

DigiDex intends to make real-time exchange or cryptocurrency into fiat possible through enabling instant payments at the point of sale from a blockchain wallet.

It aims to create an efficient alternative to traditional banking worldwide by allowing users to store their money securely and providing quick access to it. Moreover, DigiDex enables you to transact with your money regardless of your location or currency including crypto by using the DGX token. Furthermore, you don’t have to go far to access these services, all you have to do is install the DigiDex app on your smartphone, and you’re good to go.

How Will DigiDex Blockchain Cryptocurrency POS Payments Work?

The DigiDextoken will give access to its state channels which ensure there is sufficient cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ether in the digital wallet. Additionally, users spending fiat at the point of sale will complete the purchase from their cryptocurrency assets.

DGX automatically opens a state channel between each user and DGX’s own wallet.

DigiDex DGX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: DGX
  • Total supply: 38,000,000
  • Tokens up for sale: 23,000,000
  • Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10000 DGX + Bonus
  • Project protocol: ERC20


  • Begins 21st March 2018
  • Discount – 30%
  • Minimum – 0.25 ETH

Token Sale

  • Begins 30th April 2018
  • Discount – 15%
  • Minimum – 0.2 ETH


  • Begins 31st May
  • Discount – 0%
  • Minimum – 0.1 ETH

Token Distribution

ICO – 61%

  • Airdrop and bounty – 23%
  • Teams and Advisors – 16%

Funds Allocation

  • Marketing and customer acquisition – 55%
  • Solution development – 20%
  • Operational costs – 20%
  • Legal – 5%

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