Distributed ledger technology is already disrupting the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industries with wide-ranging applications including trade finance, anti-money laundering (AML) and real estate.

What Is Diginex?

Diginex is building the best in class, blue-chip approach to all aspects of the Distributed Ledger Technology space, positioning itself as the partner of choice for companies looking towards integrating their services into a decentralized world. It is a multinational crypto-asset investment service and distributed ledger technology company headquartered in Hong-Kong.

2,000 Rigs Live In Asia

In December 2017, Giginex announced 2,000 rigs are live at its data center in Asia. The facility is leased by Diginex, with power supplied by a nearby hydroelectric facility. All the capacity is currently being used for cryptocurrency mining. With 12,000 graphics cards, each rig has computation power of approx. 160 MH/s. The facility, located close to Diginex’s headquarters in Hong Kong, is the first step in the expansion of Diginex’s Mining/HPC Data Center business.

New Cryptocurrency Mining Centers In Europe

Following the launch of the first 2,000 rigs in Asia in December 2017, Diginex has sent another 200 rigs to data centers in Sweden and Switzerland to test their performance on potential data center locations. The company is expected to enter into a long-term lease through a newly formed joint venture with local operating partners who will be responsible for optimizing the performance of Diginex’s GPU Cards. Although all mining activities in Europe are intended to be solely for Diginex, computing power will also be made available to third parties and partners for GPU accelerated high-performance computing applications.

Appointed As The “Global Coordinator” For Zwoop Token Sale

Zwoop is the first blockchain e-commerce assistant commissioned to bring simplicity and transparency to online shopping, and data control back to customers. The AI and machine learning technology underpinning Zwoop’s consumer services allows users to find the products they want in a single step and at the best price. With blockchain integration, it makes commerce, advertising, shipping and reselling more efficient and democratic; streamline payments, and provide borderless access to goods and products.

$60 Million Dollar Fundraising

Diginex sold a 51% stake in its cryptocurrency mining and high-performance computing (HPC) operation to Hong Kong-listed Madison Group Holdings, the retailer of alcoholic beverages with investments in blockchain companies. The USD 60 million investment by Madison allows Diginex to fast-track the expansion of their GPU mining operations in Western Europe in partnership with leading hardware suppliers, power and security providers in order to build one of the world’s most secure and efficient GPU-based cryptocurrency mining and HPC data centers.

Diginex Blockchain DLT Digital Services Conclusion

With a 2.2MW data center in Asia and Europe and expansion planned into 150MW, Diginex has already established itself on the crypto ecosystem.

More information can be found on diginex.com/en/

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