What Is DigiPeso?

Digi Peso is a new digital asset exchange specialized in large cryptocurrency trades. It offers and OTC desk with personalized trading options and support for competitive prices. The main difference between this exchange and the many other ones that are in the market is that this one is focused on the sophisticated needs of professional traders and institutions.

DigiPeso Features

This company has some features that turn it into a more interesting choice for its users like deep liquidity that is shared by different clients across over than 100 countries, personal trading support in which you are able to talk directly with the employees of the company.

Also, most of the over the counter trades that you make on the company’s platform are settled in the same day and this company uses high security standards in both technology to prevent your money from being stolen by hackers and Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering procedures to be compliant with the regulations and create a safer space.

At the moment, you can trade the following cryptocurrencies on the Digi Peso platform: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Tether.

DigiPeso Crypto Exchange, OTC Desk And Custody Services

Digi Peso’s main service is to be a crypto exchange focused on Bitcoin. The company has powerful tools to buy and sell cryptos whenever you need them, low fees and an API that you can use for third party tools.

This company also has a crypto asset custody service and OTC agency trading desk. These two services are more specialized and the OTC service is for people who are willing to invest at least 25 BTC or more in the company.

The company also offers a lot of options for the clients if they are interested in knowing market data. There is a page on the site with charts and information that can be used for you if you want to invest in companies well informed. The information includes stuff like market cap, market depth, bid prices, coins statuses, news about the market, live orders and trades.

You can also ask people to participate and trade in the company and become an affiliate. If you convince people to join Digi Peso, you will receive a percentage on the trades made by these people and they will receive special offers.

DigiPeso Verdict

This looks to be a very average cryptocurrency platform. It does not really have a lot of options and it is a somewhat new company in the market. It offers some good options for its clients, but nothing is exceptional or extraordinary. You can use this platform, but it is not a remarkable one.

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