digital assets coalition of america

With the rising interest in the crypto market each and every day no one wants to be left behind. In fact, countries do not want to be lost in the mix, and most states are actually aiming to be the lead in the market by empowering their various investors. This time around, we are looking at America and the resources that have been put in place to ensure they are the leaders in the ever-growing market.

It has all been done through the DAC, which is the Digital Asset Coalition of America. It has been developed by a group of like-minded American individuals who are looking for ways they can empower the various cryptocurrency users and even innovators in the market. It is all to ensure that America continues to hold the mantle as the leader in the blockchain technology.

A Little About The Digital Asset Coalition; Their Plan Of Action

The primary mission of The Digital Asset Coalition of America is to ensure the Federal Government and the public is well educated on the various ledger technologies, in this case, blockchain being the priority. When the multiple individuals are well trained, it is all in the hopes to promote a more hands-off type of regulatory climate in the country.

The group also believes in the use of transparency; this is through direct communication with their various supporters. It is because the group fully understands the benefits of providing information in a timely manner, it is the small things that take a project to the next level.

The group plans on holding various congressional workshops, it will be done through a hands-on approach to educating the different member in the Congress. The group aims at facilitating in the informed policymaking through the leveraging of their industry experts and the various political insiders.

They will also aim at establishing proper dialogue routes. The group firmly believes that a sound and healthy state is one that the government acknowledges the input of the public and acts accordingly. The group hopes in bridging the gap that exists between the government and the community at large, with this, the sky could only be the limit for the countries achievements.

The group also hopes to have capital gains and the like kind transactions. There have been recent changes in the countries taxing policy; thus, they hope in reinstating the like-kind-transactions and also reduce the capital gains tax. If this would come to light investors would really benefit as it would reduce the tax burden that the various digital asset owners are facing.

With the group establishing a proper collaboration between the government officials and the various industry experts, then it will definitely go a long way in securing the countries position. With adequate dialogue taking place America will defiantly be the global leader when we are thinking of the digital Arena, something that most countries are also aspiring to achieve.

In conclusion

It is true no individual or country would like to be left behind this growing phenomenon, that is the crypto market. With DAC in place America is indeed going to go places, as proper dialogue is needed between the two major components, the government and industry experts, to ensure the correct policies and measures have been put in place to keep the various investors in the market motivated.


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