Digital Currency Index

The crypto community has seen a tremendous surge in popularity within the past couple of years, and due to this rising interest, the value of a single bitcoin currently stands at nearly $10,000. In an attempt to capitalize on this growing interest, there have been many similar cryptocurrencies that have been launched into the market.

About The Exchange Coin

According to information found on the company's website, Exchange Coin is a ‘100% Asset Reserve Coin’ which the company claims is ‘guaranteed to not lose value’ and go below a set amount of money. These claims however cannot be verified, as there are no specific details that have been mentioned on the website.

In addition to this, we can see that this coin is minted and listed publicly on the EtherDelta Exchange. It is being abbreviated as ‘XEX’, and will aim to serve as a ‘reserve coin’ for those people who are trying to make long term monetary gains/ investments.

Other important details to remember:

  • The Market Price of each coin has been valued to be $0.10.
  • The supported market price is set as $0.10.
  • 100% of all raised funds will be allocated to the reserve, so that they can foster and gradually multiply in their value.

How Does Digital Currency Index Work?


The system is backed by the Index Reserve Holdings. All of the collected funds are initially gathered and then stored for a long duration of time (so as to let their value grow).


According to analysts hired by the company, after a period of 12 months, the value of all investments should increase by nearly 20%.


As a result of our increased returns, users then have the power to invest in various ICO’s, services and other products that make use of cryptocurrencies.

Other Claims Made By Digital Currency Index


According to the company, the “Value of the XEX is guaranteed to never go below the price set by the reserve assets”. As a result of this, users can store their crypto holdings on this platform and then wait for their funds to grow.

Guaranteed Returns:

Exchange Coin claims that all customers can “get up to a 20% APR on their holdings.” In addition to this, if we stake our money directly with XEX CD’s, the company claims that it will deliver a ‘guaranteed annual return’ on our holdings.

How Do I Sign Up For Digital Currency Index?

All interested users can get in touch with company representatives by simply emailing them or dropping a message on the ‘Contact us Page’ on the website.

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