DIGITAL CURRENSY Review: Disrupting The Music Business Through The Blockchain

Blockchain technology is fast creating a new wave of significant disruption in our media-content distribution, and the music industry is one instance of the evidence. While the nature of blockchain is record-keeping, auditable and transparent data, ventures are finding a potential use for the technology.

Digital Currensy is one such creative venture that is utilizing blockchain technology to finally bring music business to the grip of the artists and entitle them to a more significant piece of the pie. Here how the project could forge music and blockchain technology to streamline the earning process for the music creators.

What Is Digital Currensy?

Digital Currensy is a blockchain-based platform that centers on providing for a digital music distribution portal for use by every artist through a decentralized process. Additionally, Digital Currensy seeks to revolutionize the royalty process for music creators and how participants in the music world interact.

With the music industry not benefiting the creators and fans, a good number of the returns tend to go to individuals not involved in the creative process of the art. Digital Currensy will eliminate this by rewarding the artists with the ability to maximize content monetization through cryptocurrency for payment of musical services and content

Digital Currensy Features

  • Blockchain- as the core of Digital Currensy framework, blockchain will make it possible for a transparent royalty tracking portal and crypto-based transaction system
  • Digital Currensy token- the Digital Currensy Cash token is the native currency for the royalty payments and incentives measures on the smart music marketplace
  • Smart contracts- artists can finally control the release of their music, and how they get payments for their creativity in a secure and efficient strategy, that is smart contracts.

Digital Currensy Benefits

Some of the possible steps that could result from Digital Currensy’s crypto vision include

  • Eliminating intermediaries who often undermine the artists and manipulate the funds, they are supposed to get up front and creating a direct distribution link to the fans and customers
  • Transparency for the artists looking to track their music content distribution and how the royalties' process for their creativity
  • Track your music content and thus make it easier for licensing and collaboration of the user's music on the Digital Currensy platform
  • Earning opportunities for the artists and content consumers through the buying and selling of the DCC token. That is after buying the tokens upfront during the ICO

Digital Currensy DCC Token ICO Details

The ICO token sale is set for 1st July 2018 and will be available for artists, fans or individuals who feel they the need to ensure fair compensation for content creation. As of now, there is a private pre-sale supplying investors with 25% of the total token supply.

  • Token Ticker- DCC
  • Accepts-BTC, ETH, NEO, LTC, EOS, XVG
  • Minimum investment- 1 DCC
  • Token supply-157 million DCC tokens
  • Total tokens for sale 65.9 million DCC
  • Pre-sale Cap-39,250,000 DCC


  • Pre-Sale/ICO-42%
  • Rewards-22%
  • Team-20%
  • Advisors-5%
  • Community influencers-1%

Digital Currensy Conclusion

Digital Currensy prides itself as already having featured artists on board with their venture as a sign of their commitment to ensuring compensation and acknowledgement duly for music creation. Consequently, this portrays Digital Currensy's potential to inspire a better future for the music industry, but this is only possible if the venture receives guidance and nurturing.

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