Digital Degree: Decentralized Education and Blockchain Certificates Platform

Digital Degree: The First-Ever Decentralized Education Platform

Looking to learn the specs of blockchain technology? While it is true that several mediums for learning exist, the accuracy of the data along with the way in which such information is delivered can be problematic, as one’s learning preference is one to consider. How can one attain relevant information in a way that reflects their learning capabilities? This is where the Digital Degree may come into play.

Digital Degree is proclaimed as an educational, collaborative platform that offers different online courses for those desiring to acquire knowledge. In particular, many of the courses revolve around advancement in technology (i.e. blockchain technology), which is said to be delivered via a “comprehensive curriculum”.

Each course taken will result in a valid certificate. As for the difficulty levels, it has been revealed that courses will be categorized based on one’s knowledge going into each topic, with the limitation of age removed altogether.

A sample list of courses has been outlined on their main webpage, which include Blockchain Fundamentals, Blockchain Developer with Ethereum & Solidity and Mobile Application Development with Blockchain to name the least. Depending on how the courses have been broken down, it might take one anywhere between 15 and 60 days to complete them.

As for enrolling and starting a course, Digital Degree plans to issue DD Coins, which will be used to purchase courses. This is not to say that all courses have a fee tied to them, as the team involved disclosed that some basic courses that are openly available. Upon purchasing a course, one will immediately be able to start the tutorials, which will be directed by experts. In order to get a certificate, one must pass an online exam.

The DD Coins are four days away from being disturbed via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). To purchase the tokens, users will have the option between either Bitcoin [BTC] or Ethereum [ETH]. Each of the ERC20 token will cost approximately USD$0.09.

Digital Degree is an interesting platform to consider as it allows one to fully grasp the blockchain concept with some incentives tied to it. Another facet worth mentioning is that of a potential database that the Digital Degree team plans to create in order to bring together future employees and current employers within the blockchain industry – promoting practical uses of acquired knowledge.

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