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While there are a lot of trading possibilities in relation to the cryptocurrencies available today, it is still difficult to find ‘stable long term investment options’ in the crypto market. This is primarily because a large number of casual investors still do not have a good idea of how the crypto industry works. For example, the value of Ethereum rose by more than 100% in the past year, as a result of this, many investors are not sure of what to make of this digital asset.

What Is Digital Funds Services?

In its core essence, Digital Funds aims to serve as a long term ‘mutual fund service’ that is designed particularly for digital currencies. When making use of this platform, users will reap substantial profits, which can then be shared daily, weekly or monthly (depending upon the user's choice) directly into our e-wallets or bank accounts. Other key aspects of this service include:

Individual Assistance: all members who sign up for Digital Funds get access to a ‘Personal consultant’ so as to discuss all possible strategies in order to maximize investment returns. There is only a 5% fixed fee on profits.

No Extra Charges: while traditional banks charge a small transaction fee at every step of the way, Digital Funds charges “no hidden fees or costs” on any of its transactions (big or small).

Currency Compatible: one of the biggest advantages of this platform is its ability to make use of all major fiat/digital currencies.

Freefall price protection: this is another major advantage of Digital Funds. It makes use of ‘1% of all overall profits for the first 1200 unique ICO participants (min 1 ETH) for a period of 2 years.’

Why Choose Digital Funds?

According to information available online, Digital Funds makes investments on our behalf that are managed by “real and expert personnel”. The company believes in the simple fact that no software or AI system can replicate human intuition. While the folks at Digital Assets certainly do make use of algorithms and data sets, they say that this data is carefully considered and then actioned upon by experts rather than machines.

How Can Digital Funds Help Me?

In the past year, there have been many scammers who have come out of the woods to participate in the current crypto boom. Since regulation is still poor in this market, it is a smart choice to keep our funds in a place that is secure and bounded by security protocols.

Digital Funds does exactly this, and serves as a tool that can help us manage our investments and provide us with transparent data. It tells us clearly as to how much we should put in, and how much we should expect in return. In addition to this, all customers are also granted access to a personal consultant with whom we can talk to in regards to any inquiry, question or advice that we may need.

Other Important Details

Wide Investment Possibilities: According to the official company website, once the initial stage of fund raising is done with, customers will be provided with investment opportunities using digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), NEO (NEO). Lastly, users are free to provide the company with ‘specific percentages of investments’ that they would like to obtain.

How Are Profits Distributed?

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, all procured profits can be obtained by users on a daily, weekly and monthly basis (depending on user’s preference). All transfers are made directly to our wallet so that we have immediate access to our funds. There are no fees or charges on any transactions, deposit, profits and withdrawals.

Is There Anything One Should Be Concerned About?

DigitalFunds claims to use certain ‘transactional mechanisms’ that have been devised to minimize losses in case our investments start to go through a value “freefall”. As a result of this, we may still incur losses, but they will be minimal as compared to what could have happened otherwise.

Digital Funds Services ICO Details

The token sale has already begun, and interested users can sign up for this service by visiting the company’s official webpage. As of now, 1 ETH can get users 5800 Tokens. In addition to this, 1% overall profits for 2 years will be given to customers if their “address appears in the first 1200 funders list”. The minimum amount of funds that need to be transferred is 1 ETH.

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