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Digital Ounces is a private cryptocurrency investment company that uses the blockchain technology to help you get instant money. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Digital Ounces?

Digital Ounces, found online at DigitalOunces, is a private cryptocurrency platform that allows members to deposit digital money into their account. Their cryptocurrency system claims to generate fast daily returns.

As a private company, only qualified members and invited individuals can access the platform. You can only learn how their investment scheme works when you decide to invest your money in them.

Digital ounces started its operation last 2016. The company is legally registered in the United Kingdom. They claim to have an excellent track record in offering profitable investment services to their members.

As mentioned in their About Us, the company has unique trading strategies in different markets with elements of high financial security. Their main goal is to secure funds and generate profit with minimum capital investment. These statements can only be proven exclusively among their members.

When you visit their homepage, you will initially see their investment plans and their no instant payment offer with no minimum withdrawal transaction. Similar to other cryptocurrency investment programs we’ve reviewed recently, Digital Ounces promises to give high-profit value in the shortest possible time.

Overall, DigitalOunces is a high yield investment program that makes use of the Bitcoin market trend to encourage people to join them. Let’s take a closer look at how this company works – and what makes it risky like all the other investment scheme nowadays.

How Does DigitalOunces Work?

Digital Ounces appears to work like a chain action. Similar to other high yield investment scheme in the market today. It can be a risky venture if you aren’t cautious.

The company’s website shows an investment plan based on HYIP Ponzi scheme. Digital Ounces offers an hourly-unlimited profit when you start investing in them. They give a whopping 5% referral commission to their qualified members.

The company’s investment program has three more methods of offering profit apart from 0.1% hourly forever profit listed on their homepage. You can choose 200% profit after 2 days, 300% profit after 4 days and 550% profit after 6 days. No minimum withdrawal needed, you can get instant payment through their investment scheme.

With such program, the risk will always be a part of it. In order to get the most of the benefits offered by this company, you have to update yourself with HYIP monitors, read trusted reviews and do research. You don’t want to invest time, money and effort by just randomly investing without making wise decisions.

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