Currently it is estimated that the ultra rich hold about $32 trillion in offshore havens. The need for an offshore haven for a cryptocurrency market is also starting to grow. Offshore banking havens such as Switzerland are not as reliable as they used to be a few years ago.They are limited by rules and regulation. Additionally they are vulnerable to hacking as we could see in ‘Panama Papers’.

These are the problems the DigitalBank is trying to solve by providing an offshore bank for anonymous cryptocurrency deposits on the Blockchain.

What Is DigitalBank?

DigitalBank is working to be the first real decentralized online bank for cryptocurrency deposits that will be 100% insured by leading insurance companies. With the ability to access the account from anywhere in the world and with a lifetime access guarantee, DigitalBank account holders will be able to deposit all types of digital coins now traded on major exchanges.

The DigitalBank solves a few urgent problems of how to transform cryptocurrency in cash or cash to cryptocurrency. Traditional International transfers are slow and expensive while they make it fast and cheap. Some of the banks charge up to 5% in transaction fees while DigitalBank has a transaction fees as low as 0.1%. The funds are controlled by clients so there is no chance for it to get frozen, as is the case in centralized banks.

Other features include mobile payments, P2P lending, secured crypto exchange and crypto investment platforms.

DigitalBank Offshore Cryptocurrency Banking Advantages

Lightning Speed Banking:

You can convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice-versa in a matter of seconds. Cash can be instantly withdrawn anywhere in the world instantly.

Tax Haven Of Crypto Investors:

DigitalBank claims to be the only real solution for achieving full banking anonymity.

Lifetime Access To Assets:

23% of Bitcoins have been lost as people forget their keys and password. DigitalBank System guarantees secured lifetime access to you and the people you decide to share the account with, including heirs.

Quantum Encryption:

Powerful Quantum Encryption that will be used by DigitalBank will make Crypto accounts 100% safe from hacking and data breaches.

DigitalBank DGBK ICO Details

You can become a registered co-founder and a shareholder in the DigitalBank company by becoming an early investor. For every $1.00 invested, you get 1 share in the DigitalBank company and 2 DigitalBank tokens(DGBK). This is an exclusive pre-ICO offering.

ICO starts in January 2019, where 40% of the DGBK tokens will be distributed to raise capital. The DigitalBank Coin will start at $10 USD.

DigitalBank Conclusion

The Business model, vision and goal of DigitalBank seems to be very vague and generic. There are no specific details about the technology, roadmap or foresight which can be seen on the website. There is absolutely no specific about the team or the founders. Another red flag about this DigitalBank is that they are very upfront about being an offshore haven for cryptocurrency, which no traditional tax havens do. However, if they do what they claim, they will be an effective platform for the ultra rich cryptocurrency owners.

You can find out more about DigitalBank and participate in their Pre-ICO on their website

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