DigitalCoin Share Review

With many years experience in mining and overall cryptocurrency trading, DigitalCoin Share is punting its “facilitation” offer centered on a mutual and educational service users can enjoy to “get into” cryptocurrencies and the overall blockchain space. The company has a membership structure that involves members building membership for rewards.

What Is DigitalCoin Share?

DigitalCoin Share is a portal or club for sharing, tipping and learning about cryptocurrency employment and opportunities, and the company has inbuilt incentives for joining members. The onsite video material states that the company plans to “create a Digital Litecoin Economy” and “build systems that allow [their] members to profit with [their] patented customer referral system.”

According to DigitalCoin Share, the team is committed to finding new opportunities in the digital currency world, touting daily payouts as a principal member benefit. It’s in essence offering network marketing with a blockchain focus, and the value for participants stems from the company’s detailed research, technology, services and products, according to the website.

Describing themselves as the “first ever dual cryptocurrency platform [with a] patented point driven based compensation,” users can earn “daily” by spreading the word on the “Member Co-op.” A bonus is also awarded to each joining member as a token thank you.

The company references major network sellers’ success when aided by Amazon and others, something that the DigitalCoin Share concern is geared to emulate, albeit without the clout and legitimacy of big hitters like Amazon. Based squarely on Litecoin, the company is essentially building a loyalty program with benefits for members.

What Issues Is DigitalCoin Share Going To solve?

Less a resolution of issues – although millions the world over may find solace in the DigitalCoin Share platform – the company is more a logical spin-off of the blockchain/cryptocurrency space.

Employing hackneyed network selling phrases like “owning your own business,” it would appear that the core value in joining the company’s “co-op” is the chance to punt member benefits to others and earn commissions that way. Apart from that potential, resources are made available to enable users to get up to speed and familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency and its potential for the future.

The DigitalCoin Share Crypto Community & Education Solution

Using the adspeak of network sellers who push the utopian dream of wealth simply by networking, the company bandies about phrases like “no limits to earning potential” and “we will train you” on the “systems we have in place here.” During the video presentation, a screenshot appears saying “Teach them to share with two people,” cementing the outfit as a crypto-focused, network selling venture. There are travel and booking benefits on offer to members, very much like airline and banking loyalty programs.

Although the company has a great promotional attitude, there is no accompanying white paper, which is understandable as the company is involved in a concerted marketing effort, but not an ICO. That said, the details about the core offering and overall benefits seem too brief and too vague, beyond timeshare-style listings of travel and booking discounts.

Who Is Behind DigitalCoin Share?

The company site carries no details of team members, with incorporation and residence details additionally being absent – a fundamental error in network selling. The company remains somewhat muted or masked in all of their promotional material, and for those who remember the billions in value predicted a few years ago in network selling, the value in buying in as a member may seem like more of the same hype, or simply of relatively low interest.

DigitalCoin Share Conclusion

Offering packages of varying cost to “get on board,” the entire value chain seems centered on recruiting new members, very much like a pyramid scheme. Indeed, online commentators that have reviewed the company say very much the same thing. Although there is mention of dividends from mining, it seems a vain attempt to demonstrate legitimate value. The proof is in the pudding – if new members never enlist other new members, they’ll never earn anything.

While DigitalCoin Share might appeal to some who have a feel for network selling, the core value on offer from this company is vague at best and trinkety at worst. It’s a bold attempt to “cryptofy” network selling, but there’s very little substance to it. While a “Steve Baran” is mentioned as being behind it all, that’s a poor reference as, if true, Steve Baran was also behind the flopped Skinny Body Care and Talk Fusion attempts that died fairly soon after launch.

Verdict? Rather invest somewhere else with demonstrable value apparent. There is a real possibility, under certain countries’ current legislation, that some regulators will look closely at this company in due course to ensure that a pyramid scheme isn’t emerging.

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