In the past few years, we have witnessed a transformation within the world of banking and trading. However, recently a large number of companies are endeavouring to change the face of digital marketing by giving it a voice on the blockchain network.

In the past year, there have been many companies that have presented novel solutions to help analyze and manage “customer interactions and data throughout” more efficiently. Since the crypto network is so vast and well connected, there is a lot of potential when it comes to the ‘marketing and sales’.

About Creator of DigitCoin 

Digit Solutions is a company that aims to create a powerful “Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solution” that has the ability to tackle and take care of marketing issues in relation to brands, merchants, retailing and service industries in different economic areas. Through the use of the various applications that have been envisioned by Digit, the company aims to provide the world of technology with softwares that can minimize data processing delays, increase transparency, and dramatically reduce the costs.

In addition to this, the proposed software platform will use a mechanism that guarantees the validity of all its transactions with the highest degree of accountability. Lastly, it would also be important to mention that this software will be created under the NEM Blockchain Platform (one of the leaders in the world of blockchain/cryptocurrencies).

What Are the Key Features of DigitCoin?

According to the official company website, this software suite comes leaded with a ‘mobile + flexible ecosystem’ that is user-friendly and time efficient. Some of the key modules of this platform include:

(i) Digit Signature:

As the name suggests, this is a security feature that has been designed to promote privacy and improve the transparency of all dealings that take place within the particular network. Using a ‘multisignature function’ which is inbuilt within the provided E-Wallet, we are able to be obtain complete peace of mind in regards to our funds and assets.

(ii) Digit Score:

This is a unique feature that is yet to be fully tested on the blockchain platform. It allows for voting to happen in a completely decentralized way. Owing to the architectural framework of this software, there is no chance of any cheating or fraud occurring. Thus, it can serve as a legitimate means of taking our opinions into consideration.

(iii) Digit Ads:

This particular module has been designed to increase the efficiency of digital advertising placement so that our content receives the proper reception it deserves. Through the use of a “middleman-free” environment, Digit Ads allows for the faster spreading of important information and even assists the content creator to obtain a little revenue for their contributions.

(iv) Digit CSR:

This is a donation platform that uses a unique method of collecting money. It essentially is to be utilized by people who are willing to give away 5% of their transaction fee to charity. Since use of this medium is optional, only willing users need to participate.

Other Important Services on Offer

(i) Digit Space:

This platform can essentially be thought of as a “smart sharing economy system” that involves no middlemen, and thus is able to cut out extra expenses and losses.

(ii) Digit Radar:

This is a unique GPS type service that utilizes location-based data to help search for cryptocurrency paypoint locations, services, and promotional campaigns.

(iii) DIGIT CRM:

This module has been designed by keeping the facilitation of promotional campaigns in mind. It aims to help provide incentives to Digit users and even allows us to redeem coupons etc

(iv) Digit API:

This program helps offer its users with flexibility and adaptability to future application programming interface.

DigitCoin ICO Details

According to the information that we sourced from the company’s website, the ICO begins on Thursday, 28th of Dec 2017 and ends on Wednesday, 14th Feb 2018.

1 Digit token includes 100 Digit Coins (100 DIGIT). To obtain commission status, a person must buy at least 200 or more Digit Tokens. In terms of overall token volume, there have been a total of 20,000,000 DIGIT Tokens that have been created. The price of 1 Digit Token is equivalent to 1USD. Lastly, the minimum purchase per person has been set at 10 Digit Tokens.

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