Digitelcoin ICO

What is DigiTelCoin?

Digitel looks like another standard ICO scam. They provide little to no information on the website. Even though they claim to be the ones who will change the future for traders, there isn’t a lot of inclination as to how.

They also state shortly after that on the next line, they are especially made for traders and investors. Its bad English and doesn’t make a lot of sense to repeat like that. It’s a red flag and immediately makes me warry of the company.

How Does DigitelCoin Work?

They make generic claims, ones that tell nothing of the solution the platform is providing. Their entire business is basically summed up in about 5-6 sentences. And that is never a good sign for a company you are considering investing money into.

They point out that cryptocurrencies commonly speak of their ability to create mass adoption of their platform. Unfortunately, they do the same thing and without any reason why anyone would want to use their platform. It’s common for ICOs to make these claims without actually showing any real progress towards the goal. This is something that Digitel also points out, kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

As far as their list of features and benefits. Good luck figuring them out. They are aiming for tens of even hundreds of millions of users to benefit from their platform – and that they have a clearly defined route to achieve these numbers, but they don’t tell us what it is.

One line reads, “DigiTelcoin has many wallet for different currency” – in case you didn’t pick it up, that’s bad grammar, improper sentence structure, incorrect spelling and doesn’t sound right at all. Another red flag the site provides to warn wood be investors to stay away entirely. The next line does the same thing – “DigiTelCoin is a perfect platform for crypto currency business.”

There’s a lot of things that just don’t feel right about the website. Apparently, you can exchange the tokens on different exchange partners, something else they disclose no information about.

The token is called the DigiTelCoin and has the symbol of DGTC. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain technology and is an ERC20 type token.

DigiTelCoin ICO Conclusion

That is pretty much DigitelCoin in a nutshell. If you notice there wasn’t much about the team, that is because there was nothing on the website. And if you didn’t know, it’s a major red flag for a company to operate with zero levels of transparency. We have no idea where any money is being sent to of if the company is even real.

As far as I can tell, Digitel is a company to stay away from at all costs. It’s already March of 2018, they’ve been in operation since November of 2017 at least – there is still no personal information on the website and no telling where the company is based out of. Plus, they don’t even use right spelling or grammar.

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