Have you ever heard about High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs)? They are investments that can be quite attractive because they offer a very quick return on investment, but also can be very risky because many of them are, in fact, scams. It is hard for a new investor to know which ones are scans, so to invest in them blindly could be a foolish action. You have to know the HYIPs before investing.

Information is the key to a good investment when you are dealing with any type of investment, especially HYIPs. Because of this, you have to be prepared to look for information before you invest if you want a guaranteed return on investment. Fortunately for you, our blog can help with that. We review many HYIPs on our blog and today our review subject is a company called Digithereum.

Our only problem is that our group of experts has not invested enough in Digithereum yet to give you a concise answer to some questions about this company. Because of this, you have to acknowledge that this is only a partial review and that the final review will be coming up soon, so you will have to wait for it if you want the complete report about this new investment in the market.

Is Digithereum Paying?

There is no way for our team to tell you at this exact moment if Digithereum is paying or not because we still have to invest for a few days more before we actually can inform you more about this company and about the probability of receiving the promised return on investment from it. Because of this, avoid the company until you can access our final review about this HYIP and be informed.

Is Digithereum Risky?

Yes, investing in Digithereum can represent a risk for you because we do not have any means to tell if this company will pay you or not at the end of the period of investment. There is a high number of scans to be found online, so investing in this company can be a bad idea if you are not 100% sure that you will be paid in the end of the month.

Digithereum Investment Plans

Digithereum offers its investors a total of five options of investment plans that they can use on their platform:

  • Deposit the equivalent of $50 to gain 16% monthly;
  • Deposit the equivalent of $2,500 to gain 18% monthly;
  • Deposit the equivalent of $10,000 to gain 20% monthly;
  • Deposit the equivalent of $25,000 to gain 22% monthly;
  • Deposit the equivalent of $50,000 to gain 24% monthly.

Digithereum Conclusion

Avoid investing in Digithereum at this moment. Our final review will tell you more about the company and advise you, but there is a big probability that we will tell not to invest in this company, so maybe it would be better if you were already looking for a new investment instead of this company. Remember that a successful investor has to be clever, well informed and patient to succeed.

Our team hopes that you will always make absolutely great investments using cryptocurrency.


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