DIGI is an emerging blockchain service that seeks to transform the digital goods and services market—for the better. Research reveals that the digital goods marketplace is worth more than 500 billion dollars, far more than the present cryptocurrency market limit. All the same, the DIGI team is committed to tapping into this flourishing market by developing a blockchain ecosystem that will solve the major problems related to digital trading of goods and services.

Overall, DIGI aims to achieve the following:

About the DigiToken Concept

DIGI is more than just a digital marketplace. In addition to creating a favorable digital platform for trading, it seeks to achieve more. For instance, DIGI aims to develop a digital platform on which traders can download goods and services.

The platform targets the following digital goods or services:

  • E-books
  • Video
  • Web templates
  • Apps
  • Subscriptions

What’s more, the DigiToken holders will have the opportunity to use their tokens in various trading and exchange platforms. Similarly, they can choose to use them to buy digital goods and services using the DIGI marketplace.

DIGI Detailed Explanation

DIGI operates on the blockchain, offering 300 Ethereum worth of tokens to four contributors that will be lucky of the Initial Coin Offering. Joining DIGI is easy. Each person who contributes more than 1 Ethereum is automatically registered.

At the end of the token sale, contributors will be selected randomly and awarded bonus as follows:

  • 1st Bonus: 1 Contributor will get 90,000 DIGI = 150 ETH
  • 2ND Bonus: 1 Contributor will get 45,000 DIGI = 75 ETH
  • 3RD Bonus: 1 Contributor will get 30,000 DIGI = 50 ETH
  • 4TH Bonus: 1 Contributor will get 15,000 DIGI = 25 ETH


All contributors with more than 1 ETH contribution are eligible for the bonus. Selection is random and all the rewards sent through the contributor’s address. In addition, a contributor is eligible for multiple entries, in which every transaction of more than 1 ETH is considered an entry.

Using The DigiToken

Token holders have a two-way approach to using their DigiToken. In addition to using the tokens on other trading platforms, they can use them on the DIGI platform as well. As an investor with DIGI, you should consider important factors before you invest in a token sale.

With DIGI, you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands. The platform has in place the following:

  • Experienced team
  • Clear vision
  • Clear roadmap
  • Actual feasible product
  • Straight-forward whitepaper

DigiToken Conclusion

With a combination of a capable team and a workable product, DIGI aims to reward the early contributors in a fantastic way. It aims to give away 98 million tokens during its initial token sale. The token sale is just about to end and you should not miss out. You can learn more about the token sale and how you can contribute at digitoken.tech.

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