With the current issues associated with cryptocurrency, mainly, theft, hacking and scams, a new concern has been added to the list. Many investors were quick to wonder what will happen to their assets, in the event that one loses his or her life naturally. This is where Digitrust’s Launch of the Willtoken, an ERC-20 based coin, can help reassure investors.

Digitrust Corp., a decentralized Singapore-based firm, has recently issued the Willtoken, which is supposedly a utility token that will contribute towards providing crypto wealth access and settlement services to investors worldwide.

Their main goal is to ensure that crypto investors have a safe and secure platform to build wealth, while ensuring that after natural causes (i.e. sudden death), the wealth is assigned to the rightful heirs.

Ultimately, eliminating any way of losing one’s earnings.

According to the Singapore-based firm, to avoid the loss of assets, they’ve come up with the Willtoken. After reviewing their white paper, it is clear that the tokens will be used as a mean of assigning who the heir will be and to ensure easy transfer of crypto assets without third-party involvement.

This includes eliminating traditional and time-consuming procedures like that of the authentication and verification procedures.

The Willtoken service, which houses a wide range of technologies including Blockchain, Hyperledger and Sawtooth, will be used to efficiently retrieve investment data.

The addition of the grant of probe, will help to easily get hold of the heirs’ information, which will also undergo verification processes in an immediate manner prior to the transfer.

As for the Willtoken Token Crowdsale, 250 million Willtokens will be available for sale, each going at a price of USD 0.10. To make token purchases, users will have the option of doing so using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Most importantly, one can choose how much to invest, as there are no contribution limits in place.

For more information regarding the Willtoken, go to: willtoken.io/

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