For a long period of time, consumers have been complaining of buying products only to realize later that the products that they have bought are not genuine. The number of counterfeit products has been on the rise in recent years. These counterfeit products have been targeting unsuspecting consumers who don’t know how to differentiate between a genuine and a counterfeit product.

That is why Digmus was established. This platform that operates on the Ethereum Blockchain was established to help consumers, as well as producers, fight counterfeit goods which have become a global problem. What is unique about Digmus is the fact that the solutions that they offer can be implemented in any industry as well as in any country.

Services That Digmus Provides To Consumers

Comprehensive Information About Products

Digmus has made it their business to help ensure that consumers get to buy quality products that are genuine. That is why they have created a platform that gives users information about products. Before you buy any product, you can visit the platform and inquire to find out if the product is genuine. You will then be given information to help you know if the product that you are about to buy is genuine or counterfeit. The information offered by Digmus on various products is very important because it helps consumers make informed decisions that help them get value for their hard earned money.

Instant Check Of Authenticity

Before you buy any product online or offline, you can log in to your account and check for authenticity of the product before you make your final decision. Digmus will give you an instant reply to give you a confirmation as to whether the product that you intend to buy is genuine or counterfeit. You will never again, even a single time, buy counterfeit products.

Ability To Register Purchase

Consumers will also be given a chance to register products that they have just purchased for future reference. This is very important because if the product fails to deliver as promised by the manufacture you can refer to the platform see if the products warranty has lapsed or not.

Services Digmus Offer To Producers

Independent Communication Channel With Buyers

Digmus offers one of its kind services to producers. It has created a platform that allows producer to make independent communication with their channel of buyers. Being in constant communication with buyers is very important because they are able to know the types of products that they want, what they should improve on the products they already sell, and future improvements that they want to see on the products. Independent communication also enables producers to establish a good relationship with buyers.

Reputation Protection

It takes time to establish a good reputation, but it only takes a single minute to damage it. Digmus has created a platform that helps producers to protect their reputation. By enabling buyers to differentiate between a good and counterfeit product, buyers are able to know producers who produce a quality product and those who produce counterfeit products. As a result, they will be able to protect their reputation.

Increased Profits

As a producer, you will be able to make more profits if you enjoy a good reputation from buyers. Digmus will clearly tell buyers that you are a genuine producer and as a result, your clients will trust you more. This will in turn lead to more sales, which will in turn lead to more profits.

Digmus Conclusion

Digmus is a reputable platform that ensures that both buyers and producers fight counterfeit products. That is why they have created a platform that gives buyers a chance to know how to differentiate genuine products from counterfeit products and also give producers a chance to protect their reputation.

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