Digrate Review

Digital Rating Agency (DIGRATE) is the world’s first professional provider of independent evaluation of ICO projects, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies. By providing ICO project the due diligence, they help founders reveal pitfalls and shortcomings that may ruin their chances of generating funds.

Blockchain and crypto technologies today represent the most rapidly changing market, which is why they aim to find the most promising and successful projects and share their analytics with their users, readers, or subscribers.

The Digrate Mission

DIGRATE seeks to implement the following mission:

  • To identify promising startups: They identify high-yielding ICOs and present them to retail and institutional investors.
  • To offer additional insight for investors: they enable investment funds to use extra assessment by providing them with their analytics
  • Global market development: they create a market of professional players who aim at contributing at the blockchain ecosystem

What They Do

Based on the points above, the main mission of DIGRATE is to bring together great ideas and big money. Using their extensive experience of valuation of traditional financial institutions, they select the most promising projects for their in-market partners and investors.

Description of Services


SWOT analysis is a strategic method used to identify your project's Strengths and Weaknesses, and evaluate Opportunities and Threats involved in a business venture or startup. They collect and review information on publicly available resources and assess major internal and external factors affecting the project.


They examine and reveal all sides of the project, problems of a concept, technology, financial model, competitive environment, legal side, and others. Besides, they identify inefficiencies or risks and give recommendations to the founders of a startup on how to mitigate or eliminate them. They work together with a team and find the most appropriate solutions to marketing, legal, and financial issues.


The result of the rating research is a detailed Report that introduces the crowdsale details and all scores of the aspects assessed with justification provided by our experts. In other words, it’s the core information that allows investor to make his or her decision.

The report also reflects a level of Quality based on a comprehensive audit and SWOT analysis, and finally, the score of Investment Attractiveness, which is the key parameter to help the investors make own decisions.

Investor's Support

Based on the results of the rating research, they submit their reports to investment funds for further study by the investors directly.


When the final version of the report is done, they publish it on their resources, make investor base newsletters, and make publications in partner media.

In addition to the above activities, DIGRATE performs the following activities:

  • Legal support for ICO and crypto projects
  • Consultancy on ICO and crypto projects launching
  • Marketing campaigns, PR, and community management
  • Technical security audit of smart contracts and blockchain-based projects

To crown it all, DIGRATE has a very strong board of management comprising professionals who are able to help it realize its objectives. The team embraces evaluation of investment attractiveness in which they implement the basic elements of methodology of evaluation to determine the degree of investment of ICOs.

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