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Dimensions Network Introduces the Exchange Liquidity Aggregator

Cryptocurrencies have become a market that cannot be missed out on, as many projects have managed to bring high ROI within a short period of time. Both the currency and technology involved have been proven as superior than traditional means of doing businesses in the various industries. Dimensions Network, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has recently introduced a solution that makes buying and selling crypto efficient, and it’s through the Exchange Liquidity Aggregator (ELA).

What Is The ELA?

Users within the Dimensions Network platform will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at their highest price through the Exchange Liquidity Aggregator. This means that users no longer need to rely on several accounts for crypto, but instead will be given a platform that connects to the most popular exchanges through APIs to increase liquidity within the market.

How Does Using The ELA Promote Easier And Valuable Trading?

Based on the whitepaper, users will be provided with a FIX API, which allows them to connect to either the Dimensions Network exchange or others. This has been implemented to encourage time-efficiency, while ensuring that users are getting the best prices for their amounts ordered.

The team has also stated that foreign exchange markets will be used to compare the difference between the user’s and purchase currency within the respective exchange. Removing the need to acquire different accounts to make large crypto purchases will become something of the past, as the Dimensions Network’s ELA promotes the buying and selling of large amounts.

ELA Final Thoughts

The use of ELA is something worth considering given the fact that most exchange registrations take time, especially with the verification processes and what not. While ELA does not necessarily promote sooner ROIs, given that it reaches new heights, it can redefine crypto investing, can open doors to more consumers and could possibly help the market flourish.

For more information on Dimensions Network’s future plans, go to: https://dimensions.network/en/

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