Dinero Coin ICO (DIN Token): DASH Forked Private Crypto Payments?

What Is Dinero?

Dinero is a new cryptocurrency that provides anonymous and instant transactions to anyone regardless of the location. It’s a hard fork of DASH digital currency. Dinero utilizes P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to accomplish its objectives with no influence from any central authority. As such, the network entirely manages and issues all transactions.

According to their vision, Dinero team seeks to empower everyone to conduct financial transactions with any other person across the world without hampering their privacy and dignity. Besides, there is no third party involvement in all Dinero transactions.

In line with their mission, Dinero aims at providing a decentralized, easy to use platform for conducting financial transactions.

Dinero DASH Forked Private Crypto Payment Improvements

Unlike the original coins from which it borrows most of its operations, Dinero network brings on board many improvements. These include the inclusion of NeoScrypt, which is an ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm. This feature controls unnecessary occurrences of centralization of mining resources.

Additionally, Dinero network uses a completely decentralized and budgeting system that enables it to exercise a democratic control when it comes to budget allocation. This comes in handy whether the budget is for the network’s charitable goals or for its intended future developments.

The team behind the establishment of Dinero seeks to make it a commercially successful cryptocurrency with worldwide adoption in the 21st century. Importantly, they seek to generate a global positive impact through abundant sharing to the less fortunate members.

The Major Problem Dinero Seeks To Solve

Dinero believes that one of the major issues facing the crypto community is adoption, which mainly involves bridging the gap among innovators, early adopters and the skeptics. To bridge this gap, Dinero comes in to provide a little help for everyone. With that in mind, they aim at creating a widely adopted and sustainable digital currency. One of the prime objectives of Dinero is to improve the lives of its users.

Hand-Ups Versus Hand-Outs

Martin Luther King Jr once said that eradication of poverty is one of the major steps to civilization.

One of the well-established mechanisms to eradicate poverty is financial inclusion, which also creates employment and drives sustainable economic development initiatives. While traditional banking institutions have tried their best to become accessible in the past years, it’s estimated that nearly 2 billion adults of the world population still do not have access to banks, according to World Bank’s Global Financial Inclusion Index.

Many factors have contributed to this figure, including the following:

  • Affordability
  • Distance from the financial provider
  • Lack of necessary documents
  • Lack of trust in the providers
  • Religion

While Dinero cannot provide the solution to all these problems, the network believes in its ability to resolve most of the common contentious issues by providing basic, blockchain-based financial services to the global masses. That is why Dinero aims at implementing effective financial inclusion to every commercially available smart phone.

Dinero Coin DIN Token Specs

  • Coin name: Dinero
  • Ticker: DIN
  • Prefix: D
  • Algorithm: NeoScrypt
  • Block reward: 30 DIN
  • Reward reduction: 9% per year
  • Block time: 90 seconds
  • Port: 26285
  • Retargeting: Dark Gravity Wave
  • Masternode Collateral: 5000 DIN
  • Estimated coin circulation: Approx. 100 million coins in 2038
  • Pre-mine: 2% (2 million)

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