What Is Dinngo?

DINNGO has become the first exchange to allow a two-step verification process between the cold wallet and the mobile device. By doing this, it has been able to revolutionize the manner in which cryptocurrency enthusiasts get to trade digital currencies.

The platform has made it possible for the cold wallets to seamless integrate with the DINNGO exchange. This has in return provided a convenient, fast, and secure asset trading service for all cryptocurrency traders and users.

Dinngo Cold Wallet

DINNGO has implemented an in-depth integration of its cold wallet service in a bid to not only secure the digital currencies being traded, but to also strengthen the efficiency of its DINNGO exchange.

What this means is that users will get to hold on to their digital currencies as well as their private keys without any necessary intervention from the exchange. There will also be a two-step verification process between the cold wallet and the DINNGO mobile app. To guarantee security, an AES256 encrypted connection has been put in place between the cold wallet and the DINNGO mobile application.

Dinngo Mobile Crypto Exchange

The DINNGO platform will be able to support the trade of different tokens using different protocols. Currently, the main limitation to getting a decentralized exchange lies in the ability to support trade between different protocols. DINNGO is, however, looking to change all this. This can be seen in its road map, which includes:

  • Support BTC/ETH in Q3 2019.
  • Support NEO, GAS, NEP-5 in Q4 2019.
  • Support QRC-20 in Q1 2020

Dinngo Benefits

Customized Interface

Its interface makes it easier for you to freely combine information as well as match it with what you would like to be presented on your screen. This helps you do away with unnecessary interference as you only get to highlight what is really needed at that particular moment.

No More Middlemen

This means that as a user, you will get to have all your digital assets under your personal control. You no longer need to deal with a centralized intermediary who holds on to your funds, or handles deals without being fully transparent with you.

Protection From Hacking

One of the chief advantages of having a decentralized platform is the fact that all user accounts tend to be self-secured and totally independent. DINNGO has gone a step further to leverage the use of cold wallets in a bid to enhance security.

Regulatory Compliance

DINNGO has placed compliance as the basis for its platform. This is meant to ensure that they comply with all the regulations put in place by the regulators, as well as to ensure that they practice strict self-discipline.

Cost Effective

It employs an off-chain mechanism, whose main role is to avert wastage of gas on on-chains. Only matched orders will be sent via on-chain. This is meant to ensure that DINNGO gets to save on gas costs.

Responsive Customer Support

Platform users have a place to go to when they encounter a problem. There is a frontline support team that is always ready to answer any questions that users may have for them.

Dinngo DGO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token price: 1 ETH = 2125 DGO
  • Total supply: 200,000,000 DGO
  • Private sale: 07.16 2018 – 09.15.2018
  • Private sale amount: 50,000,000 DGO
  • Public sale: 09.16.2018 – 10.15.2018
  • Public sale amount: 50,000,000 DGO

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