DIOXYME Performance Enhancers Opens Verge (XVG) Payment Support

Even Performance Enhancers Can Be Purchased with Cryptocurrency from Verge

Verge is one of the many cryptocurrencies in the industry, but they’ve created an opportunity to purchase supplements with the use of CoinPayments. The online supplier that will now accept the Verge coins (XVG) in exchange for their protein powder, nootropics, and performance enhancers is DIOXYME. In fact, to make this into a possibility for a wider range of consumers, the company encourages them to use the code Verge10 to get a 10% discount on their purchases right now.

Right now, over 90 different vendors have agreed to work with Verge and accept their coins as payment, ranging from covering cheese lessons to e-cigarettes. There’s been a lot of talk about the inclusion of PayPal as part of their accepted payment websites, but PayPal has been very clear in their lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies. Spotify has been targeted as another place to accept XVG, but it was quickly closed.

The big reason that Verge has been in the news until now has been due to their partnership with Mindgeek, which is the owner of websites like Pornhub and Brazzers. The ownership comes after a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over 75 million XVG.

Verge is unique in one major way that stands out – the option for users to choose if they want privacy for their transactions or if they want them to remain public. They employ the support of both Tor and I2P to hide the transactions deeply in the blockchain, which means that anyone searching for payments will need to sift through tons of data to locate each one.

Bitfinex and Stellar recently made the decision to integrate Verge as payment, but this semblance of availability didn’t prevent the value from dropping from 8 cents to 5 cents per token. To make matters worse, there was an attack that stole 250,000 XVG in April, which was due to bugs in the coding. This major attack has left Verge with an unsavory reputation, which wasn’t helped by rumors that another 35 million XVG has been lifted as well.

DIOXYME was originally established by a father and son team, who felt that the current supplements in the market were ineffective. However, they purchased all of the ingredients to start to work on their own solutions, which was safely executed due to the father’s history as a doctor.

Still To Come: Debit Cards By TokenPay

With a 9.9% ownership in WEG Bank of Germany, TokenPay, a Verge partner, is making the changes that they need to create debit cards that are linked to cryptocurrency accounts. Though the bank primarily works with real estate, they want to gravitate towards blockchain technology and related products. The international debit cards will be linked to the TokenPay wallets, though multiple forms of cryptocurrency can be utilized.

TokenPay keeps the Tor browser secure as part of their platform, disguising how the internet is accessed in the first place, much like accessing the Dark Web. The TPAY digital asset from TokenPay encrypts messages done through the platform and maintains anonymity.

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