Global interest in decentralized forms of payment has never been higher. The success of some organizations in creating blockchain-based transaction platforms has sparked the creation of hundreds of similar models, all with their own unique twist in an attempt to allure potential investors and partnerships.

The interest in this model comes, in large part, from the difficulty of facilitating international transaction, especially between big businesses and involving exuberant amounts of capital. The blockchain provides a potential solution to this problem by bypassing things such as currency exchange rates, regulatory actions, and other major nuisances.

Additionally, some new startups are taking advantage of the concept of peer-to-peer transfer of payment in order to maximize efficiency and recreate the concept of payment. Instead of going through a third party to transfer funds, a peer-to-peer paradigm allows two entities to conduct a financial transaction nearly instantly, with only the two parties directly involved in the transaction.

This is a major development. Without even considering the vast philosophical implications of the axing of the third party in financial global transactions, it is clear that this system could make the lives of millions of people and businessmen much easier. Direct transactions, were they truly decentralized, would be a major asset to any trader who deals with foreign transactions.

What Is Dipitto?

Dipitto is one company which seeks to make its name though the use of this unique technological transition on the blockchain. The company elaborates that they seek to develop a “payment solution for the blockchain industry” which makes use of value transfer protocol in order to facilitate peer-to-peer trading on a decentralized platform.

Dipitto makes it clear that the applications of their platform are wide and varied. In particular, they highlight gaming, gambling, and the global transfer markets as a few of the potential users of this exciting new technology.

But with all of the controversy surrounding cryptocurrency ICOs in recent years, investors can never be too careful. This guide has been created to explain both the nature of the product and the details behind the Initial Coin Offering by the startup known as “Dipitto.”

How Dipitto Blockchain Gambling & Payments Exchange Works

Put in simplest terms, Dipitto facilitates simple global transactions between one or more parties. Unlike many companies advertising their ICOs in 2018, Dipitto actually claims to already have apps on both the Google Store and the Apple Store. The benefits of the technology are broken up into three basic industries, which are expanded upon below.

First, the company believes that the most obvious use of their technology is for international money transfer. They outline that traditional economic systems are flawed because they force users to run their money through a centralized authority that both vets and takes money out of the transaction. With this peer-to-peer network, however, everything is above-board. The company lists their fees, arguing that a .75% flat transaction fee is more than fair.

The company also has rolled out a series of gambling games that consumers on the market can play in their off-time. Their billing system for these games, which likely have strong pay-to-play components, operates entirely on the company’s own decentralized currency.

Finally, there is a developing mining ecosystem being created by Dipitto. They elaborate that their interfaces allow “POS mining anywhere,” rather than requiring the sophisticated hardware required for most currency mining.

Dipitto DPC Token ICO Details

The crowdfunding project by Dipitto is pretty straight-forward. They are creating the DPC coin, which has a total supply of 51 million units. The pre-sale currently happening will allow 40%, or 21 million, of the coins to be sold. After this, the majority of the tokens available will be sold in the main sale.

The price per token is $0.25 USD, and the most comprehensive information on the ongoing campaign can be found on the company’s whitepaper.

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