What Is Diro?

Diro describes itself as the world’s first decentralized identities and access platform. The company strives to enhance cyber-security and solve the problem of identity theft. Diro believes it has a method to cryptographically authenticate documents, authenticate identification remotely, automate every aspect of KYC (know your customer), and eliminate any risk people have of their identities being stolen.

Who Is Behind Diro?

Diro has a rather extensive team in place. It starts with the company’s four co-founders: Vishal Gupta, Nikhil Rai, Arjun Singh, and Sumeet Singh, all of whom are of Indian descent. Gupta is a coder who owns over a dozen patents and has helped to create multiple startups. Rai has a background in the consumer market. Arjun Singh has spent most of his professional career as a solution architect. Sumeet Singh, meanwhile, has a background in finance and fundraising.

The Diro website also lists a dozen Full Stack/Java engineers, five Swift/Objective C engineers, four UX Design/Business Analysis employees, and two CI/Testing engineers, as well as a slew of advisors and several other employees of various positions. Altogether, Diro has roughly three dozen employees and over half a dozen advisors.

How Diro Decentralized Crowdsourcing Identity Access Works

Diro is developing technology that can instantly verify a person’s legal identity and online documents. Any document will be stored with a timestamp, a verified SSL (secure sockets layer), and hash. Users can then tag those documents using a mobile number, which allows them to reuse the documents without revalidating them.

Diro also uses crowd intelligence to operate as a contacts app. People with shared phone books will be automatically tagged, essentially using the people you know to verify your ID. These contacts will be updated and organized automatically and include privacy controls. Diro describes it as a social fingerprint that makes it impossible to lose your identification.

Through Diro’s use of crowd intelligence can organize your contacts into mini-phone books. Users can have four different profile cards, making it easy to separate contacts into work and personal contacts. This also makes it possible for co-workers to all get on the same mini-phonebook in a way that makes it easy for new employees to receive everyone else’s contact information as soon as they join the team.

Additional Features of Diro Include:

  • Archive Contacts
  • Intelligent Search
  • Import from Excel
  • Automatic De-duplicate
  • Smart Dialer
  • Works Across Platforms
  • Auto Backup on Cloud
  • Seamless Card Exchange
  • Rewind Changes

Diro Token ICO Details

The Diro website does not list dates for the company’s ICO. However, it does state that they plan to distribute 10 billion DiroTokens. Of that 10 billion, there will be three billion pre-mined DiroTokens that will be distributed to top investors, advisors, and team members. The remaining seven billion DiroTokens will be distributed to the first 500 million people who contribute to the platform.

DiroTokens can be earned one of two ways. The first is by validating your personal connections and sharing your Profile Cards. The second is for building your community by uncovering a mobile phone network. Those tokens can then be used for one of the following services:

  • Remote KYC/CDD/EDD
  • Seamless Group-Access to Apps
  • Cloud LDAP
  • Advance Directory Features

Diro Verdict

To say that Diro is potentially revolutionary would be an exaggeration. Identity theft is a serious issue, particularly with most people having a wide array of passwords on a vast number of different platforms. Diro aims to change all of this by creating an identity footprint for everybody that is based on the people they know, making that identity easy to verify and protect.

Ultimately, people could have the ability to manage their privacy with different profile cards and access platforms and directories without the need for passwords, which would, indeed, be revolutionary.

Diro estimates that the decentralized identity and access management market could be worth as much as $32 billion within the next few years. That could end up being an exaggeration. However, there are billions of Internet-capable devices being controlled by centralized providers while billions of identities exist on multiple service providers.

It’s impossible to argue against the importance of cyber-security, which is a big reason why Diro is a company to watch closely. Of course, there are no guarantees. But getting on board with Diro during the early stages could end up paying off in the long run.

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