Discoveroo DCO ICO Review

Discoveroo is first travel platform globally to introduce reviews powered by the blockchain. By introducing the blockchain to the review process, it will ensure legit and high-quality feedback from all reviewers. Via this ecosystem, it will ensure the slow but sure degradation of low-quality reviews. To ensure this platform survives well into the future, all people that provide high quality and factual reviews will be well rewarded.

Why Discoveroo DCO?

In the modern world, we live in a world where influence and the power of the internet have become more powerful than any other media. Today, most people would be uncomfortable leaving their house without a smartphone. Review sites have been around since the 90s.

On these sites, people are able to read their reviews for a wide range of services. Since that time, many other review sites have cropped up. The main service that Discoveroo will offer is to make it possible for the users to share and compare opinions. With these reviews, people will then be able to make decisions that are informed and offer them value for their money.

The problem with current review websites is that they have some serious flaws. Today, one of the major issues that review sites face is credibility. How can people ensure that a site, which is easily accessed by millions, is genuine?

Besides that, how can we ensure those who leave reviews have been to the business premises. Based on current technology, it is not possible. The major review sites do not offer any proof that reviews are credible. The result is that competitors can easily pump in fake reviews to edge out the competition.

The result is that a review site can determine the success or failure of a business. Many businesses have seen their sales drop or rise based solely on the power of review sites. The facts are quite worrying too. Today, 97% of consumers read reviews online when looking for a local business.

Additionally, 85% of people will have the same faith in online reviews as they would have in a recommendation from a friend. The data also shows that 79% of all people have recently come across a fake review. Out of that figure, 84% are not always able to spot a fake review.

How Discoveroo Will Solve This

Discoveroo will use the blockchain to ensure that all reviews are genuine. Every time a reviewer leaves a high quality and factual review, they will be rewarded. Today, the global travel market is worth $1.3 trillion. Out of this, about $567 billion are sourced from online transactions. These transactions are growing annually at 10.5%.

With the use of the blockchain, all reviews will be immutable. That means it will be impossible for businesses and individuals to delete or modify their reviews over time. The reviews submitted will be analyzed via various algorithms to ensure that only the genuine ones have a spot at the top.

Discoveroo DCO ICO Details

The presale will start on February 10 and end on February 17. The main sale will take place on February 19 to March 18. There will be a total supply of 50 million DCO.

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