What Is DiscoveryIoT?

Discovery is an IoT-led supply chain solution that is run through a network of Decentralized Nodes while also residing on different smartphones phones of the user community.

Discovery hopes to apply its unique concept that blends three layers into a one-stop solution: The hardware layer (Cliot), the distributed data harvesting layer (user community) and the Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence layer. Discovery makes IoT an affordable solution for tracking daily products (and not just high-end luxury handbags) by disrupting the costs of the hardware and monitoring.

The DiscoveryIoT Ecosystem

Enterprise Clients

These are the paying customers or buyers of the Discovery Communications Network. The enterprises will comprise of brands that would like to track their products through their supply chain.


The Cliot is a uniquely identifiable self-charging printable tag placed on the product for tracking. Discovery IoT will develop it along the lines of a printable solution, where mass-production could take place.

User Community

At the front end of the Discovery Network, individual users would have the Discovery app installed on their mobile phones. These mobile phones would then serve as the nodes of the blockchain network.

How DiscoveryIoT Blockchain IoT Network & AI Supply Chain Works

Discovery will breed a new IoT device that works with the blockchain-based network to offer low-cost, secure and reliable IoT communication. The Discovery Tag will be the revolutionary IoT device in use to make the supply chain within reach of all the applications.

DiscoveryIoT Benefits

Low-Cost Supply Chain Tracking

The Discovery solution will help brands track their products without the need to bear extra costs

Real-Time Visibility

By using blockchain technology, Discovery hope to provide a real-time tracking option for brands to make decisions on matters of stocking quickly

Security And Reliability

The DiscoveryIoT solution offers a highly reliable and secure application for the development of smart contracts for their supply chain management

Custom Reporting

The DiscoveryIoT data analytics option enables the brands to establish reports that are customized to meet each brand requirements.

Token Use

With all the transactions using the token-based system, DiscoveryIoT will enable instant and decentralized payments for the platform.

DiscoveryIoT DIS Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-Sale Dates: 3 rounds start 6/15 – 7/31
  • ICO Dates: 3 rounds start date 08/01 – 9/15
  • Ticker- DIS
  • Accepts- USD
  • Price- 1 DIS= $0.11
  • Token supply- 1000 million (100%)
  • Hard cap- 320 million DIS
  • Soft cap- 90 million DIS

Token Distribution

  • Token sale- 40%
  • Legal and administration- 5%
  • Partners- 10%
  • Advisors- 7%
  • Team- 12%
  • Treasury- 15%
  • User adoption – 5%
  • Bounty- 6%

DiscoveryIoT Conclusion

The need to create sustainable solutions for the supply chain is evident, and with DiscoveryIoT the idea might finally be here with us. However, DiscoveryIoT offers a pretty strong concept to benefit businesses looking to fuse their supply chain to blockchain and accrue the necessary benefits. Overall, it is a viable project, but there is the need for due diligence.

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