DISH to Use BitPay Crypto Payments Service, Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Option

DISH adds Bitcoin Cash as Option; Migrates to BitPay for Crypto Payment Processing

DISH, which was the first subscription model pay-TV provider to take Bitcoin in 2014, announced that they would add Bitcoin Cash as a payment option. They will now be using BitPay, the biggest global crypto payments provider to process payments for BTC and BCH with their customers.

A Bit of Detail

According to a statement the company released, they said they were adding Bitcoin Cash just as they added Bitcoin to serve customers that had adapted to this new form of money. The DISH executive VP said that a significant portion of their customers was paying with crypto each month. He added that BitPay would allow them to continue to offer choice and convenience to their customers.

DISH is moving to BitPay

DISH customers can use the BCH and BTC to pay for their monthly subscription. They can also buy pay per view events and movies as they wish. A DISH customer will send the exact amount of BTC or BCH needed to make payments on They can also do it on the DISH Hopper DVR. BitPay is a payment process that exchanges payments to US dollars at the moment of the transaction without the risk of crypto volatility.

According to the Chief Commercial Officer, the goal of BitPay is to ensure a seamless transition to ensure that customers who currently pay using BTC will now pay with BCH and BTC. He added that crypto was increasingly becoming popular for the consumer to make purchases online. The reason for this was that it enables a reduction of credit card fraud and it was cheaper for the merchants.

About DISH

DISH is a connectivity company. Since it was founded in 1980, it has served as a disrupter in the world of pay-TV. It has driven innovation and value for the consumers. Via its subsidiaries, the company offers television entertainment and award-winning tech to millions of its customers with the help of satellite and streaming Sling TV.

DISH runs a national installation workforce. It also offers an ad sales group, which offers ad solutions on Sling TV and DISH TV satellite. The company is currently creating a national narrowband “IoT” network. This network will offer innovative connectivity application and solutions via its spectrum portfolio.

About BitPay

The company was founded in 2011. This is the pioneer and most experienced company in the blockchain payments world. It has a range of products, which make it possible for businesses to transact across international borders. It also enables consumers to manage digital assets using the BitPay Wallet.

Through the wallet, it turns digital assets into dollars using their Prepaid Visa Card. The company has a physical presence in Europe, North America, and South America. It has raised over $70 million from investors such as Index Ventures, Founders Funds, and Aquiline Technology Growth.

The Metropolitan Commercial Bank, under a license from Visa, USA Inc., issues the Visa prepaid card. This card is used subject to the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement and fee schedule.

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