DisLedger provides distributed ledgers for capital markets and IoT micropayments. Find out what that means today in our DisLedger review.

What Is DisLedger?

DisLedger, found online at DisLedger.com, offers distributed concurrence ledgers catered towards capital market service providers and internet of things (IoT) micropayments.

The name “DisLedger”, as you may have guessed, is a shortened form of distributed concurrence ledgers.

Essentially, distributed concurrence ledgers like DisLedger promise to provide “an order of magnitude improvement” over current blockchain speeds. DisLedger claims to eliminate the technical and organizational weaknesses of current blockchain consensus models.

DisLedger avoids the weaknesses of blockchains while providing cryptographically secure, non-repudiable transactions and ledgers. Transaction data is shared only between the actual counterparties. With DisLedger, competitors can't see your data, nor can they see the volume of your transactions. However, the ledger can still provide other businesses processes like compliance and regulatory oversight.

How Does DisLedger Work?

The key concept behind DisLedger is the use of individual transactions instead of batch block processing.

Today’s blockchains involve processing “blocks” of transactions. Most of these transactions aren’t your own transactions. You’re dedicating resources to someone else’s computing power.

DisLedger promises to offer no outdated batch processing of blocks – which is how blockchains like bitcoin work. This type of processing is resource intensive. Furthermore, it requires users to process transactions for other users and corporations – which some might see as a waste of their own processing power.

DisLedger’s concurrence ledgers take a different approach: they process only the individual transactions between you and your counterparties, which saves computing and storage resources while reducing IT, electrical, and cooling expenses. At the same time, this leads to the blockchain benefits we know and love, including the creation of an immutable chain of title for the underlying transactions.

DisLedger Features

Basically, DisLedger is a new and improved blockchain platform that aims to fix the shortcomings of modern blockchains, thereby making blockchain technology a better solution for enterprise clients. With that in mind, here are some of the core features of the platform:

Distributed Yet Private:

Distributed ledgers provide secure processing without relying on your competitors to approve your transactions.


Concurrence process with cryptographic security provides non-reputable records of all counterparty transactions.


Provides access to one common dataset for the entire organization with easy partitioning to limit viewing to subsets of ledgers, allowing simplified compliance that can be limited to the specific transactions under the regulator’s legal purview. Obviously, today’s blockchains are transparent and allow anyone to view transactions and wallet information. DisLedger takes a different approach, allowing for some transparency while still restricting crucial information – like transaction amounts and wallet holdings – from public view.


DisLedger promises to offer rapid processing of transactions without relying on time intensive consensus protocols.

You can view a demonstration of DisLedger’s technology online today here: disledger.com/demonstration.html

That demonstration involves entering a cash equity transaction. The platform will then automatically generate 1,000 transactions. You can view the mechanisms of DisLedger in action.

The DisLedger ICO

The DisLedger ICO is taking place between September 1 and October 31, 2017. The ICO begins at 8am EDT (UTC-4).

A total of 30 million DCL tokens will be distributed through the sale. That token total is capable of providing 30 billion transactions, which is one year’s worth of estimated usage of the DisLedger architecture.

The tokens are priced at $30 per token at launch, which works out to $0.03 per transaction.

Discouts and bonuses are available throughout the DisLedger token sale.

The token is not a security. It’s a utility token designed exclusively for the DisLedger platform.

DisLedger Conclusion

DisLedger is a unique blockchain technology that involves the use of distributed concurrence ledgers (which is where the name DisLedger comes from). The blockchain technology could be particularly useful for capital markets and IoT micropayments.

Unlike traditional blockchains, DisLedger doesn’t involve block processing of mass transactions across the network: you’re just processing transactions for your own network. Participants on the DisLedger blockchain can’t view other transactions, nor can they view the amounts in other wallets. However, this information can be selectively shared to trusted third parties.

Ultimately, DisLedger aims to make blockchain technology more accessible for enterprise use – particularly for IoT providers and capital market service providers. You can learn more about DisLedger, including information about their upcoming ICO, by visiting them online today at DisLedger.com.

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  1. Thanks for the review. DisLedger is here to answer any questions you might have regarding the token launch.

    Please register on the website so you can participate!

    White Paper: https://www.DisLedger.com/DisLedger_TokenLaunch.pdf
    Telegram https://t.me/DisLedger_Official

  2. DisLedger’s token sale is open until October 31st. Please review the latest whitepaper:



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