Dispatch Labs Blockchain Project Lands Fenbushi Digital Investment for Asia Crypto Expansion

Dispatch Labs Blockchain Project Lands Fenbushi Digital Investment for Asia Crypto Expansion

Earlier this week, Fenbushi Digital invested in Dispatch Labs with an aim of identifying and taking opportunities in the Asian market.

Fenbushi Digital is a subsidiary of Fenbushi Capital, one of the leading venture capital funds focused on blockchain startups. The company is made up of the pioneering adopters of blockchain technology pooled together to invest in promising blockchain-powered solutions.

According to Bo Shen, a co-founder of Fenbushi Capital, Dispatch is well-poised to assist innovators and their projects in developing revolutionary and useful blockchain-based solutions. He added that the partnership with Dispatch will enable the company to expand their global reach and support several blockchain startups.

The Dispatch Protocol enables developers to create DApps that are data-intensive. Furthermore, developers can leverage the inbuilt Delegated asynchronous Proof-of-Stake (DAPoS) consensus algorithm, as well as the network’s Zero Knowledge analytics to create cutting-edge blockchain solutions. In addition to efficiency, the resultant solutions offer privacy, more security and most importantly, free transactions.

Dispatch DApps are compliant with most regulatory frameworks, including GDPR and HIPPA. As of now, the testnet version of Dispatch offers several functionalities, including a blockchain ledger, smart contracts, a software development kit and a mobile cryptocurrency wallet. The mainnet is expected to launch in the last quarter of 2018.

The aforementioned Zero Knowledge Analytics is a technology that is unique to the Dispatch Protocol. It is a data management platform that stores voluminous data for institutional investors. Besides having an impenetrable security mechanism, this tool is also compliant with the law.

Speaking on the partnership, Matt McGraw, the CEO of Dispatch, said that the company was enthralled by the prospect of working together with Fenbushi digital. He added that the two entities have similar goals and that their team was ready to embark on the expansion into the Asian countries.