Distrage, which is the name of a distributed arbitrage company, is new option that you can find in the market if you are interested in having solutions for the automation of arbitrage.

Don’t you know what arbitrage is? Arbitrage is the basic process of getting money by buying assets when their price is down and selling it when the price is high. This way, you are able to speculate on the market and make profits from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

By using Distrage, you will be able to link exchange accounts, automate your arbitrage processes, promote fair pricing and trading.

What is Distrage?

Distrage’s main goal is to provide tools for investors that can enable to make a lot of money. The company explains that it does this to enable people to thrive in this new decentralized market.

This software can be installed on your computer and you can use it to connect it with many different crypto exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance. Once you connect with them, you can decide the trading pairs that you want to change and the software will advise you about the trading opportunities that you will have.

Distrage Investment Plans

To buy the private beta access to the platform, you will have to pay 0.07 BTC. This package includes a free upgrade for the Pro 1.0 when it is released, 3 exchanges that you can use the API to make arbitrage, more than 25 different options for cryptos and 1000 trading pair combinations for a whole year.

The add-on pack costs 0.03 BTC more than the normal package (0.1 BTC) and you get more cryptos, one more exchange, more arbitrage pairs, more combinations and an additional year of your license, meaning that it is cheaper to upgrade than to hire the service again for another year.

Is It A Good Idea To Use Distrage?

We have some serious doubts about the efficacy of the product that is being offered by this company right now. Why? Because this type of software is often not great, unfortunately. Many companies send signals using simplistic algorithms and end up making their clients lose a lot of money.

Good software is expensive and you can hardly buy it for such a low price like this company is offering. Because of this, our mais indications are that Distrage might not be a great company for you to invest if you want to rely only on the best information about the market.

Yes, it can definitely serve as some sort of guide, but there are many free alternatives that can also do that so we do not really see the point of paying so much for information that will probably not be so great after all.

The Distrage Distributed Arbitrage Verdict

This software is, unfortunately, not your best option right now. Our advice is for you to look for another arbitrage software instead of Distrage or, if you want, you can decide to invest by yourself and look for platforms and information that can help you to understand the trends of the crypto market better so you can become a better trader.

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