Distributed Credit Chain CEO To Setup Crypto Governance Program With Oxford Business

Stewie Zhu, the CEO of Distributed Credit Chain, an Oxford Alumnus, has decided to collaborate with Oxford’s Said Business School in the setting up of the DDC Career Development Fellow program.

The fellowship post will assist in nurturing studies which will offer understandings into establishing a supervisory structure for cryptos, including the development of innovative blockchain applications. Allan Morrison, a lecturer of law and finance at the Said Business School will supervise the research.

About Zhu

Zhu is a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency industry, being the initiator of Distributed Credit Chain, a platform which became the pioneer in public distributed banking blockchain stand.

The objective of the venture is to nurture a decentralized bionetwork for fiscal service providers located all over the globe. The firm believes that it can successfully accomplish this vision by authorizing credit with blockchain technology. This will eventually return ownership of data to the consumers.

The Fellowship

When examined on the reasons why he decided to support the program, Zhu clarified that he is thrilled at establishing a partnership with said Business School of the Oxford University. The said partnership will be used to launch the innovative technology research fellowship that will go a long way in assisting to design the future of how the technology is applied in banking and finance.

Zhu also asserted that the sure foundation given to him by the University has facilitated him to chase his objectives as an entrepreneur. As a result, the time has come for the team and himself to give back to future generations of visionaries who will utilize the program to further advance the society into a universally all-encompassing fiscal biosphere.

Finally, as a result of the initiative of people like Zhu who are autonomous investors with no secret agendas, and in conjunction with the renowned center of academic excellence, it is believed that the crypto industry is leading to a brighter future.

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