DiVinumCoin DVC ICO

DivinumCoin DVC is a cryptocurrency that aims to “revolutionize the market of lending platforms.” Find out of it’s a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What is DiVinumCoin DVC?

DivinumCoin, found online at DivinumCoin.io, is a cryptocurrency designed exclusively for use within a lending platform. The ICO for DVC tokens is underway throughout March 2018. By buying DVC tokens today, you can earn 45% per month returns on your future investments.

Obviously, when you see the words “ICO”, “45% ROI per month”, and “lending platform” in the same paragraph, it’s a red flag you’re dealing with a scam: Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect were notorious for advertising ridiculous returns for investors through a “lending system”. They were later shut down.

Of course, many exchanges offer legitimate cryptocurrency-based lending. So there are plenty of legitimate lending programs out there.

Is DivinumCoin yet another cryptocurrency-based lending scam? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity that can generate huge ROIs per month? Let’s take a closer look at how DivinumCoin works.

How Does DivinumCoin Work?

DivinumCoin advertises four main features of its platform, including lending, trading, staking, and referrals. You can earn money through all of these features:


Earn 45% returns per month with the DivinumCoin lending platform.


The official DivinumCoin website describes how users can trade their DVC on “the most important exchangers [sic]” like Bittrex and Poloniex. However, DivinumCoin is not listed on any exchange right now, and it seems unlikely that Bittrex and Poloniex will offer DVC trading in the future.


DivinumCoin will pay you 19% in exchange for holding your coins in the staking wallet.


DivinumCoin has a multi-level, pyramid scheme-style referral system that pays 15% total referral commissions down 5 levels.

DivinumCoin also vaguely mentions some automated trading program called “DivinumBot High Intensity.” They describe this trading bot as “an automatic assisted trading system” that can execute operations in multiple pairs. That trading bot outperforms every other trading system on the market – including the world’s best hedge funds. The team claims their trading bot generated returns of 1.1% to 6.3% per day, every day, over a 6 month testing period.

The DivinumCoin ICO

The DivinumCoin ICO is scheduled for March 4 to April 4, 2018.

The price of each DVC token ranges from $0.10 (during the first 1 million tokens) to $1.60 (during the final 1 million tokens).

A total of 20 million DVC tokens are being released during the token sale. DivinumCoin is accepting USD, BTC, and ETH in return for tokens.

DivinumCoin has no products or services available online right now. When you buy DVC tokens, you can’t actually do anything with those tokens. Despite the total lack of use of these tokens, DivinumCoin’s development team claims they’ll be worth $300 (!) by August 18, 2018. Not only is that an oddly specific date, but it’s totally unrealistic.

DVC tokens are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 100 million DVC tokens, with just 20 million available during the ICO. It’s unclear how the remaining tokens are being distributed. The DivinumCoin whitepaper explains how the ICO’s funds are being distributed, but it doesn’t explain how the actual coins are being distributed.

Who’s Behind DivinumCoin DVC?

One of the final red flags that DivinumCoin is a scam is the total lack of team information or contact information: the company refuses to disclose the identities or locations of anyone running the project. We don’t know what their experience is, nor do we know why they’re qualified to handle our investment.

There’s only one way to contact the DivinumCoin team: you can email [email protected]

The DivinumCoin Twitter page lists the company’s location as in Poland.

DiVinumCoin DVC ICO Conclusion

DivinumCoin appears to be a scam. The company is selling DVC tokens to investors throughout March and April at a price of $0.10 to $1.60. The tokens cannot currently be used anywhere online because DivinumCoin does not have any products or services. They’re not launching the lending platform until April or May, for example.

Despite the total lack of value for the tokens, DivinumCoin is promising investors that the tokens will be worth $300 in just a few months.

DivinumCoin also advertises returns of 45% per month through its lending program – although it’s unclear who DivinumCoin will lend to, or how they plan to market that lending system. This is on top of their guaranteed “secure income opportunity” of staking DVC coins, which will earn you returns of 180% per year.

The final red flag that DivinumCoin is a scam is that the company refuses to disclose contact information or team information. When someone is selling an investment to you online, but doesn’t feel comfortable revealing their identity, it’s a sign you’re being scammed.

Ultimately, based on everything we can see online, DivinumCoin is a shady lending program at best and a Ponzi scheme at worst. You can decide for yourself if it’s worth an investment at DivinumCoin.io.


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