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The DIY Tube Coin has been designed as a video sharing cryptocurrency that has been backed by the growing community. And from this, the first question that could be running through your mind is, can I make money from this?

What Is DIY Tube Coin?

As more individuals continue to join the sharing community in DIY Tube Coin and also start earning the coins, then word will spread about this promising platform. Thus, you will start to notice a snowball-effect taking place in the coin’s value gradually increasing as the trading community is growing. So the more investors are able to interact with the DIY Tube Coins, the expect the value of this coin to also grow.

So what should be done for the snowball to start taking effect is either save the coin for the growing value, spend in the growing community, sell the coins on an exchange, then just take a seat back and watch the value of the coin increasing.

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DIY Tube Coin ICO Details

The coin proves to be a promising investment so why not go ahead and purchase the coin, the official coin sale will take place on the 1st of May to June 15th. So get whitelisted for this official sale to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity. Due to the federal regulations, before you purchase any of the coins each buyer will need to be whitelisted, so to save on this time it is advisable if you do this now, instead of rushing to it last minute.

Each investor will need to go through a screening process, just to ensure the KYC is done adequately and the AML is done in a timely manner. The payments on the platform will be accepted in either Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal or your credit card which will still be done through PayPal. For you to receive the DIYT coins you will need to have an Ethereum wallet, if you don’t have one at the moment not to worry, as it will take you just a few minutes to set up your wallet.

Some more good news is that the DIYT Coins are 100% compatible with most of the Ether wallets that are available.

  • Token Symbol: DIY TUBE
  • Token Sale Starts: May 1, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 15, 2018

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