DLS Academy

DLS Academy is a decentralized learning system that aims to reward you for sharing your hobby with the world. Here’s our review.

What is DLS Academy?

DLS Academy, found online at DLSacademy.io, is a decentralized platform that aims to help people make money from their hobbies.

Users can use the DLS Academy platform to share their unique skills and knowledge with the world. It’s a trustless platform built on Ethereum smart contracts. There’s no middleman: you interact with others in a peer-to-peer environment.

DLS Academy wants to be more than just a platform that people use to pick up strange hobbies. The company aims to create a platform “that offers all you need for your professional growth.”

Let’s take a closer look at how DLS Academy works.

How Does DLS Academy Work?

DLS Academy aims to be a general purpose learning platform. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts. All transactions take place between users without the need for a trusted central party. DLS Academy also uses IPFS for decentralized file storage.

The platform aims to cater to all types of skills, experiences, hobbies, and activities. It’s a general purpose learning platform that makes diversity a priority.

Some of the people who can benefit from DLS Academy include students, beginners, career switchers, artists, and more. Overall, the platform aims to have a wider scope than regular virtual learning environments (VLEs).

DLS Academy is also community driven and open source. The developers have an open two-way community channel, and all code will be made available open source in the future.

DLS Academy Features

Here are some of the features that allow the DLS Academy to work:

For Instructors: DLS Academy promises to be an inclusive, welcoming platform for instructors of all backgrounds. Anyone can become an instructor and publish a course on any subject. Courses can be video, audio, or text-based.

DLS Tokens: Instructors decide whether or not they want to charge students for their course, and can choose a fair price for that course. Instructors have total control over their pricing. However, they’ll need to deposit a number of tokens equal to 10 times the course’s price. This is done to ensure a cost-quality balance.

Smart Contract: All tokens are locked in a smart contract until a minimum threshold of 10 purchases is reached. In other words, if a course doesn’t attract 10 students, then the cost-quality threshold isn’t met, which indicates the course is overpriced or the quality is poor. In this situation, the instructor loses his or her deposit. The lost tokens are sent to a reserve fund, then get redistributed to users who contribute the most within the platform.

IPFS: DLS Academy is published on Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer media protocol that works like a decentralized version of the internet.

Certification: Students can use DLS Academy to acquire certification to increase their chances for a job. This certification costs an extra fee shared between the course author and DLS Academy. The goal is to have this certification recognized by companies.

Curation Mechanism: Only students who paid the course’s fee (unless it was a free course) can review the course. Each student is locked to writing a single review. Malicious users cannot manipulate scores on the platform. Furthermore, the weight of a review is related to the student’s reputation. A review that comes from an active and respectable user counts more than one from a new semi-active user.

The DLS Academy ICO

The DLS Academy ICO launched on Friday, September 15 at 17:30 GMT.

There’s a cap of 10,000 ETH for the token sale. Bonuses are available during the early weeks of the sale, and bonuses are also available based on the amount of your contribution (i.e. contributions of at least 3 ETH have a bonus of 30%).

A total of 75% of tokens are being sold in the sale. 10% are reserved for the long-term development fund, 10% are built to attract new partners, instructors, and contributors, and 5% are for the founders and early contributors.

Who’s Behind DLS Academy?

DLS Academy describes itself as “a team of young but experienced software engineers and business specialists.”

Key members of the team include Chen (Co-Founder and CEO), Larry (Co-Founder, CTO, and Lead Developer), Sato (Full Stack Developer), and Miko (Marketing and Public Relations).

You can get in touch with the company by email at [email protected]


DLS Academy is an online learning platform catered to a wide range of industries, activities, hobbies, and learning environments. Instructors can create visual, audio, or written courses, then offer those courses through a blockchain-based platform. Instructors can charge tokens for the course, or provide the course for free.

The DLS Academy platform is currently going through its token sale throughout September and October. You can learn more about the platform and how it works by visiting the academy online today at DLSAcademy.io.

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