Statistics released recently have shown that over 2.2 billion people play games on a daily basis on different devices and platforms. The gaming industry is big. In 2016, over $100 billion in revenue was recorded, and the figure is expected to rise in 2017. However, the sad news is that only about 4,000 professional gamers are earning something from their skill when playing video games. This is especially sad if you consider the amount of revenue generated in this industry.

An audit that only covered 6% of games showed that they recorded revenue close to $3 billion. Currently, over 94% of gamers, including professionals, don’t benefit from global trading. So the big question is, why not? If you are asking yourself this question, then today you are in the right place. DMarket is a decentralized market that turns every virtual item into a real commodity that can earn you real money.

How DMarket Works

Currently, the gaming universes are not connected to each other in any way. As a result, it is very difficult for them to trade and earn money from their skills. DMarket has come to bridge this gap. This company is building a platform that is based on smart contracts and blockchain technology that is secure, user friendly, and reliable. DMarket has enabled one click sale, evaluation, and exchange of almost every virtual item between gamers regardless of the platform that they use.

Smart contracts serve as the bridge on the blockchain, and it is able to connect the gaming universe without the need of involving a third party. DMarket tokens are exclusive, meaning that it is the only currency used in the marketplace. DMarket has created an API that every game developer can take advantage of to connect their games to thousands of people across the globe. It has created a platform that has given gamers an opportunity to introduce the global economy to virtual items, enabling them to earn good money from this lucrative industry.

What You Can Do With DMarket Tokens

  • As a currency, you can use them to buy or sell gaming items
  • To deduct fee used for trading in game items
  • To distribute to digital property copyright holders
  • For acquisition of BigData analytics
  • To acquire premium accounts for both retailers and wholesalers
  • To postpone service fees via smart contract, which are usually sourced from one DMarket member to another

Why Choose DMarket

1. It Is The Only Platform That Connect Gamers

DMarket is the only platform that has made virtual assets real. Professional gamers are now able to connect with each other to trade and earn money from their skills. What makes this platform stand out is the fact that it does not charge its member a fee in order to trade. You can trade as you wish and get to earn money from your gaming skills.

2. It Is Based On Blockchain Technology

The blockchain that DMarket uses is a decentralize platform that enables users to connect (peer to peer) without any need to involve a third part. It has taken the digital platform to another level by enabling users to trade without worrying about fraudsters. DMarket has integrated blockchain technology into their platform, a factor that has enabled their members to trade money in a secure platform that is fast, reliable, and efficient.

3. It Is User Friendly

The good thing about the blockchain is that it is very secure, but also user friendly. You don’t have to be trained in order to know how to use this platform. Even if you are a first time user, you will have an easy time navigating through the market that they have created.


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  1. DMarket isn’t the “only platform that has made virtual assets real”. Actually, Dmarket doesn’t even exist yet, so it can’t be the “only” anything. At the moment it’s just an idea.

    DMarket is going to be attempting to compete with Enjin and EnjinCoin. EnjinCoin (ENJ) has completed their ICO and has been on markets for about 3 weeks now. They are implementing ENJ on their existing platform which has existed for almost 10 years. They host thousands of gaming communities, have 18.7 registered users, 80 million monthly views, and their *existing* payment platform processes millions of dollars in transactions between gamers and servers every month.

    DMarket is going to be directly competing in a space that they are late to enter. The article here is either dishonest or entirely mistaken in multiple ways.

    I’m not sure if this is a sign of ignorance or dishonesty, but it does not bode well either for the Author or the DMarket platform. Based on this fact alone, I won’t be participating in the DMarket ICO.


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