DNX Digital Nomad Community

In the US alone, there are more than 3.7 million remote workers, which is about 2.8% of the whole workforce. In the UK, there are over 4 million remote workers. The number is even higher in the developing world where about 20% of the workforce works remotely. These figures are only expected to continue rising over the coming years. This will create a unique and profitable opportunity because of the blockchain technology.

What Is DNX Digital Nomad Community?

The developers of DNX Community want to create the first decentralized and autonomous platform for the digital nomad community. This platform will be powered solely by the blockchain to meet the growing demands of this workforce. The remote workers’ community has grown quite a lot in recent years. By 2035, it is expected that there will be over a billion people working as remote workers.

This community has huge needs, as the people working remotely want to live and work as they enjoy the world. However, there are numerous restrictions due to fiat currencies, local governments, and restrictions of the unknown local population. There are also the costly exchange rates to think about, which can also be quite difficult to navigate.

How DNX Community Blockchain Remote Workforce Works

This is going to be the first digital nomad platform that runs inside the Ethereum Blockchain. They have created a decentralized platform that serves remote workers. This will help to build an economy that is going to disrupt the industry, which is expanding at a huge rate.

The creators of this project are creating a robust network that runs on Ethereum, which will allow anyone to utilize the services. It will also let the participants share in the growth of the crypto-coin and the economic model.

The community will have full autonomy and will operate in a transparent and trusted manner, thanks to the blockchain. This will be a community, which is designed to meet the needs of members. In essence, the aim is to create the first nation and economy that exists only on the internet.

The DNX Digital Nomad Community Solution

The business model of the free-to-use platform is to use the NomadCoin cryptocurrency. The currency is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which makes it easy to get money when you need it. There are no middlemen to take a percent of your money.

DNX Digital Nomad Community Services

  • Find freelancer or work
  • Present training courses or grow your skills
  • Find a place you can work, stay, and find inexpensive flights
  • Find a rental car in the city you visit
  • Start an online shop in the marketplace on this platform
  • Promote events or find events
  • Buy or sell tickets for events
  • Chat, meet, and share – there is even a dating platform

DNX Digital Nomad Community DNC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Name: NomadCoin
  • Token Ticker: DNC
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Tokens sold during corwdsale: 130,000,000
  • Private sale: 15%
  • Pre-sale: 20%
  • Inceptives program: 25%
  • Team: 5%
  • Tokensale Costs: 4%
  • Tokensale: 30%
  • Accepted Payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and Fiat
  • Token Type: ERC20

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