Investing in industries which are already using the blockchain technology can be a great idea. The blockchain tech is everywhere and expanding more and more every day. Because of this, it can certainly be an amazing idea to invest in industries that are already adapting to this new emerging market, as this certainly will increase their market value.

Our blog is specialized in blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies and, because of this, we review the most interesting investments in these areas for our readers so they can be well informed when want to make investments. Today we are going to review a new company which uses the blockchain technology in the field of health. Our subject is called DocCoin DOC.

What is DocCoin DOC?

DocCoin is an international blockchain service that offers decentralized solutions for businesses in the medical and health industry. The company is completely built on a decentralized network and it gives its users the chance to access doctors anywhere in the world (or to offer your services as a doctor or as a clinic via the platform).

The main goal of this company is to offer a decentralized service that will enable its users to get access to many medical specialists anywhere in the world in their native language. Do you need an English speaking doctor in South Africa or China? This app will find it for you.

DocCoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its tokens are ERC20 tokens and you can buy them in the upcoming sale.

How Does DocCoin Work?

Basically, DocCoin uses the blockchain technology to organize information about doctors in many countries and find doctors easily for you. This is good both for the patients and the doctors, as it creates a marketplace for them. The doctors will have an additional income in their profession and the patients will have medical support any time they want.

The company assures that the clients will get a fair price for the service, they will get prescriptions and treatment more easily and can find a doctor that will speak their language. Doctors will be able to monitor their patient’s condition from afar, will only deal with patients that they can communicate and share skills and experience with other doctors from all over the world.

The transactions are made via smart contracts and are completely secure because they will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are completely non-refundable. This is good because it decentralized the exchange of money and can also be used to store medical data and transfer it to third parties like hospitals and clinics. Through the app, you can contact a hospital after diagnosis.

This will enable all of the people involved in these transactions to receive the best possible results, creating an ecosystem which will be able to make all the involved satisfied with their part in the ecosystem.

To pay for all the services, you will have to use the company’s own tokens.

How to Invest in DocCoin DOC?

Do you wish to invest in DocCoin? That can be quite easy, you only need to acquire the tokens of the company during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that is currently being held by this company.

The pre-ICO, which offers a discount of 50% begins on January 25 and it lasts until February 2. If you choose to invest in the pre-ICO, you will have a discount of 50%. To invest, you need to spend at least 0.2 ETH. Each token costs 0.0001 ETH with the discount.

You can only buy these tokens using ETH, so if you only have other types of cryptocurrencies, you have to change them by ETH first.

At the moment, the company has not given any information about the main sale, but when it does, we will update our review, so follow our blog for updates.

The DocCoin DOC ICO Verdict

Is this company a great investment for you? To answer that, we have to look at two different perspectives: the expected return on investment and the probable quality of the final product.

Will you be able to get a good return on investment using this platform? You probably will because this will be a global platform for a service that people, especially who travels often, really need. The health industry is growing and this app has plenty of potential to give you a nice return on the investment that you will make by buying its tokens.

If you only plan to use this service, this can also be a good idea because the service looks really good and well made. DocCoin looks like it will help in a very important matter when you need it the most. Your health should not be put in the second place, so this might be an interesting investment for you.

We can clearly perceive that investing in DocCoin can be a good idea. While we are still not sure how profitable it will be to invest in this company, we are sure that it is, at least, a good idea.

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