Doctor Smart

Doctor Smart is a peer-to-peer based healthcare platform that will aim to utilize digital solutions to bring a robust connection between medical specialists and patients. The platform sets to utilize the use of advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain technology and telemedicine to present advanced healthcare systems. Apart from the medical specialist, Doctor Smart platform will also aim to offer an ecosystem with health insurance providers and other offline medical services to improve and support the overall medical support.

What Is Doctor Smart?

The Doctor Smart platform will build an integrated ecosystem where all parties will have access to other healthcare participants as such from doctor to patients, patients to insurance companies and many more options. Additionally, the access will include instant medical consultations for the patients regardless of region, with the waiting time scheduled to be under a minute. Doctor Smart will further enable an automatic checkup system for the medical prescription, a seamless connection to past medical records, as well as establish secure medical payments. All these will be possible through the use of smart contracts, machine learning, and advanced digital network solutions.

Doctor Smart Healthcare Wellness Services Features

  • Consultation service-Doctor Smart will make available medical specialists at any moment to the patients in need of medical attention or has any query. That will include medical healthcare comprising of different niches within the industry.
  • Decentralization-patients get to have control of their health records thanks to the distributed structure of the blockchain.
  • Advanced diagnosis approaches based on machine learning technology and neural network solutions
  • Blockchain-based interactions through smart contracts to facilitate secure and transparent transactions. Additionally, the payments will work under the Doctor Smart Tokens (DSTT) sold exclusively by the Cryptonomos Team

Doctor Smart Benefits

  • Instant medical services provided by Doctor Smart offer patients a 24/7 access to medical advice and consultation services
  • Better interaction with specialists with the advanced technologies enabling fr even video and voice consultation with the medical practitioners
  • No bureaucracy is present on Doctor Smart as the provides for continuous operations with the patient not having to wait for more than a minute
  • Get to work with experienced individuals within the wide range of specialists present on Doctor Smart. Additionally, the Doctor Smart development team have an extensive experience of 15 years in developing high-tech health solutions.

How Doctor Smart Fairs In The Digital Health Industry

There is increasing popularity in using advanced technologies such as blockchain for the healthcare industry, and Doctor Smart is an excellent example. If the venture utilizes the technology well enough, plus the experience it has, it could make the future of the health industry.

Doctor Smart DSTT Token ICO Details

Joining the ICO will entail the users undergoing a KYC process from where they can sign up to create an account with Cryptonomos and load it with the tokens, get on the Doctor Smart ICO then purchase the tokens.

Already the pre-sale is underway with the start dating back to April 17 and the end coming off on May 12, 2018. As of the stage, the token exchange rate stands at 1 DSTT- 0.001 ETH. However, the exchange allows for purchase through BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC, and DASH.

  • Ticker-DSTT
  • ICO hard cap-$50 million
  • Soft cap-$5 million
  • Start date- May 16, 2018
  • End date-July 30, 2018

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