DogRacing has been designed as the ultimate platform for crypto betting, one which has been based on the Ethereum network offering each participant Smart Contracts. The betting platform is also evolving and the blockchain technology is not leaving it behind. So if you are into betting then these platform is packed with good news for you, thus read on to find out what it has to offer you.

What Is DogRacing?

The company has a vision of being the biggest and also the most accessible betting platform in the crypto market. This will all be possible with an interface that is simple to use, exciting games that will keep the participants engaged, and also offering seamless liquidity options to all its participants.

How DogRacing Cryptocurrency Value Betting Works

The primary goal of the company is aspiring to be the industry standard with an innovative platform that is user-friendly that has been specially designed for the crypto enthusiasts. But the platform has not only been limited to the crypto enthusiasts as traders, investors and any individual that is looking to put their crypto knowledge to work are welcome on the platform. All this will be done by each individual betting on their favorite coin.

The revenue will be generated from the bankroll pool that usually collects about 5% of all the bets that have been placed. The collected amount is not kept by the company it is actually paid to the token holders as dividends. Around 10% of the tokens will be assigned to the Jackpot pool, one that has been made exclusive to the DGR token holders.

The DogRacing platform has been considered to be a revolutionary intersection of the $50 billion betting industry that is taking place online. Not forgetting the emerging $300 billion that is coming from the crypto market. A platform you should definitely be a part of.

DogRacing DGR Token ICO Details

DogRacing has launched stage 1 of 4 of their ICO for their DGR token.

ICO Schedule:

  • Pre-sale Date: April 4th
  • Pre-sale Cost: 23,400 DGR tokens per 1 ETH (30% bonus)
  • ICO Stage 1 Date: April 21st through April 24th
  • Stage 1 Cost: Unsold tokens sold at the rate of 1 ETH – 23,400 DGR tokens 30% bonus)
  • ICO Stage 2 Date: April 25th through May 2nd
  • Stage 2 Cost: DGR Tokens will be available at 21,600 per 1 ETH (20% bonus)
  • ICO Stage 3 Date: May 3rd through May 15th
  • Stage 3 Cost: DGR Tokens will be available at 19,800 per 1 ETH (10% bonus)
  • ICO Stage 4 Date: May 16th through May 22nd
  • Stage 4 Cost: DGR Tokens will be available at 18,000 per 1 ETH (standard price)

DogRacing Conclusion

The platform is truly groundbreaking as it will enable the various players to join in the race of the cryptocurrency index. But all this will happen in a selected period of time, where you will be able to place a bet on any coin that you like or you are confident with. The betting has been based on Smart Contracts and any of the information that is present has been written by the blockchain technology to ensure you enjoy maximum security.

And since this is all on the blockchain technology you are assured of transparency, so why not be a part of the platform.

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