Dole Coin DOLC ICO Review

Dole Coin is one of the newest cryptocurrencies to enter the market. It is also one of the most popular relative to its age, and it is gaining more popularity as people begin to understand what it is all about.

Dole Means

Dole is basically another word for charity. It may be used to mean benefits paid to unemployed people by the state or the distributions of something. Dole Coin is hence built on the concept of charity.

A Charitable Endeavor

DoleCoin has been created with the aim of doling out wealth to the poor and third-class citizens all over the world. It was inspired by the challenges that charitable organizations face when raising funds for their activities. Taking note of the convenience created by the blockchain technology as well as the success of cryptocurrencies, DoleCoin decided to launch the first charity-based crypto.

Dole Coin is banking on the goodwill of millions of people around the world as well as the confidence of speculative investors for its success. Millions of people will find it as a better way of contributing to charity compared to most other channels thanks to its security and trustworthiness. What’s more, anyone willing to buy the coin will stand a chance of profiting from its appreciation in the short and long term.

So, How Will The Poor Benefit?

A portion of the funds raised from the Dole Coin ICO and pre-sale campaigns have been dedicated to charity campaigns all over the world. These include a wide range of charitable activities such as feeding and clothing the poor, treating the sick, and educating children from poor backgrounds, among others.

DoleCoin developers are also concerned by the rising levels of unemployment all over the world. As such, they are making plans to have some DoleCoins distributed to the unemployed as long as they are willing to pay a subsidized price for them.

How Will You Benefit?

DoleCoin is relatively new, but it has been circulating in the market for some time now. Its ICO was held in November, 2017, and it has been making significant milestones since then. So far, about 4,190,000 coins have been sold – these account for about 83% of the total supply.

During its ICO, Dole Coin cost was less than $0.50 per coin. Today, it is going for $0.8 per coin and is accepting payments in terms of ETH and BTC. Once the final round is over, experts project that the value of DoleCoin will increase significantly as it becomes more popular not only as a coin but also as a practical and noble project that is looking out for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable in societies all over the world.

Investors who bought Dole Coin during its ICO phase are already enjoying good profits. Those who will invest in the coin soon will also enjoy fair prices and can look forward to considerable appreciation in the short and long terms.

Get in on the Dole Coin Movement

Dole Coin is currently rolling out its exchange listing and site upgrade as it embarks on making the coin more accessible to the market. The Dole Charity Movement is expected to commence on June, 2018. As such, there is still plenty of time for you to get involved, reap financially, and play a part in making the world a better place for everyone.


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