With HYIPs becoming increasingly popular investment instruments, Dollar-booster.com is just one among many. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Programs. Today, HYIPs offer prime investment opportunities. Besides HYIPs investing in other HYIPs, interest rates can range from 100% to even 600% in 30 hours. These instruments employ a variety of investment strategies: stocks or property. A majority rely on various cryptocurrencies when accepting payments from members.

Caveat! Despite the above being true, most new programs do not provide you with the big picture. The HYIP industry involves considerable risk. Failure to consider risk may result in significant financial losses. Cases have been reported of individual’s investing entire fortunes in HYIPs that went out of business.

You can imagine the consequences of this happening to any investor. Although scammers exist in the HYIP world, they are unusually concentrated in HYIPs. Why? Because massive amounts of money are involved and how easy it is to swindle money over the net.

Is Dollar-booster.com Paying?

In this review, we cannot vouch for the reliability of Dollar-booster.com’s payments. Even so, soon we shall review the site’s payment terms and conditions. As an HYIP trading platform, Dollar-booster offers several investment options. Presently, we are conducting reviews of other programs to enable us to recommend the viability trading on these platforms.

We shall advise about Dollar-booster.com accordingly after our comprehensive review. However, we shall continue publishing our findings on other promising HYIPs. So keep visiting us to learn more about Dollar-booster.com and other HYIPs as well.

Is Dollar-booster.com Risky?

Investing in HYIPs involves a significant amount of risk. Most sites are unregistered, unregulated, and run by unlicensed individuals. It is essential that you exercise due diligence when selecting an HYIP investment platform. Some sites claim to offer the “best” programs, “winning” strategies or trading tips. Others even caution investors about HYIP scams.

For this reason, look for sign of scams such as unsustainable yields, unclear return methodologies, few HYIP operator details, and offshore operations. Additionally, you would do better by visiting this blog often for detailed reviews about existing and new entrants into the HYIPs field.

Dollar-booster.com Investment Plans

Dollar-booster.com investment plans are as follows:

145% after 3 hours,
180% after 6 hours,
225% after 9 hours,
260% after 12 hours,
300% after 18 hours,
350% after 24 hours,


This review should not be construed as a tentative endorsement of Dollar-booster.com. We advise you tread with caution when investing in HYIPs. Similarly, our other reviews cannot vouch for the credibility of Dollar-booster.com and other as well.

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  1. This website is a complete scam. I tested it out and later check it out to see if interest has really been paid. Interest shown paid at the dashboard but for 2 weeks now I have not been able to withdraw my money. I have contact support but not even a word from them. Stay away from them its a complete scam. Don’t fall for it. Hope I help someone save their hard earned money!


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