At such a period when there’s a boom in the number of decentralized, automated trading applications in the market, there’s a remarkable entrant poised to shake the industry. isn’t your regular automated trading bot. It is based on unique algorithms and charts developed, tested and honed to deliver cutting-edge results after the developers’ 25 years of being active in the industry.

What’s With the Name, Dolos?

Blockchain-based automated trading applications for currencies come in all types of names and Dolos isn’t an exception. With its roots in South Africa, “Dolos” is obtained from a Dutch word Dollen and Os, whereby Os is an Ox or Oxen, a form of traditional currency still used to date. The Zulu traditional healers, called Inyanga, would throw ox bones, or Indawule, to speak with their ancestral spirits.

Today, Dolos isn’t anything like the ancient Zulu currency. According to its founders, the automated trading application aligns with the developers’ vision of creating a cryptocurrency trading community from the volatilities of the cryptocurrency market. Being a blockchain-based platform also means it is safe and secure and universal to be used by anyone.

Essentially, Dolos is expected to offer a platform where investors will trade at several trading markets while using the application’s proprietary algorithms. Everything about the platform is automated, which basically means it is user-friendly and can accommodate newbie traders and professionals alike!

Goal of the Project

Dolos will function a lot like a trading bot, meaning it will be a friendly trading application for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Upon its release, its tokens will control its entire ecosystem, including monitoring how the whole system, voting, identities and other uses.

It will:

  • Give the Dolos community a reliable and efficient automatic trading bot.
  • Be a decentralized app to accommodate many users and markets as well as be linked to new and existing exchanges.
  • Grant access to multiple traders.
  • Be available to all traders from all parts of the world, except those from the US, Singapore, and South Africa.

Dolos smart token is based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard) and will be directly used to control licensing and access to the Dolos trading ecosystem. The tokens, available through a crowdsale will be responsible for:

  1. Smart contracts initiated to control access as well as the minimum value of the system.
  2. Voting rights; whereby the community participates in making critical decisions about the system.
  3. The token is also meant for identities and social ratings with each developer and contributor having a public profile at the Dolos website and in the community forum.
  4. At the marketplace, the cloud server can facilitate distribution and updates of the application.

Dolos ICO Summary – Token and Crowdsale Details

Dolos Tokens officially grant you access to the platform, and they are 1,000,000 although 500,000 are available for distribution at the startup.

  • 1 Dolos Smart Token = 0.075 Eth, minimum of $50 as Eth
  • Accepted coins – BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH
  • Consensus method: Proof of Stake
  • ICO runs from 1 February 2018 – 31 March 2018

Dolos ICO Verdict

Since the Beta version of the trading system will be available for use at the 2nd quarter of 2018, it’s safe to say this project is still in its infancy. Again, funds collected from the token sale are expected to help develop it further and test the bot before it becomes available.

However, its team of developers consists of four persons of repute, not the scamming lot. Tokens are incredibly affordable, and you shouldn’t mind throwing a few bucks in it!

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