Over the past few years, the blockchain technology has dramatically evolved and made a significant impact on digital investments. It has made most investors start valuing the potential returns you are able to get when you invest in digital assets, a concept many were not aware of, or could even imagine we would reach. The internet and the blockchain technology has genuinely evolved our norm of daily investments.

With this sudden growth and interest of the internet from various investors, plenty of investment opportunities present themselves on a daily. And as we know, the best thing to do before investing is doing your own research on a platform, just to ensure it is not a scam. But the good news is we have done most of the legwork for you, and the investment platform we would like to present to you is Dome Venture.

What Is Dome Venture?

Dome Venture is a decentralized on-demand network that has been able to connect the various callers to the resource platform that has been able to implement specialized services. The company has ensured they have acquired the best professionals you could ever find in the market who have gained years of experience to ensure they deliver quality services to each of their investors.

The company is entirely passionate about developing successful business models that will bring a return. Not forgetting the company has designed a coin that is going to be very promising in the crypto market, the currency will be called DOM. The only thing is that the company has only developed 60,000,000 tokens that are going to be distributed among all the participants.

Dome Venture DOM Token ICO Details

The token sale will start on April 15th UTC; it is just two days away so ensure to mark this on your calendar as it is not an opportunity you would like to miss on.

The company will also be offering its investors some bonuses. The first day you will get a bonus of 30%, 2nd to 3rd 20%, 4th to 6th 10%, 7th to 11th 5% and between the 12th to 15% you will get 0%. It is clear everything that is of value must be earned.

As an investor, for a coin that has the potential to bring about promising returns is like gold, then you are fully aware these number of coins are not sufficient. Thus, don’t be left behind the sale, ensure you grab yourself a few of the coins. Once the contribution ends each of the participants will receive their allocation portion which will be based on the amount that you had contributed relative to what the company will have collected.

Dome Venture Conclusion

The investment platform has the potential to take your financial goals to the next level, so from us, we highly recommend that you make a date on your calendar and ensure you get yourself a few of the DOM tokens. Then all you will need to do is just hold and see how the market plays out with this new investment opportunity.


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