What Is Dominant Finance?

At first glance, the company is a standard scam like you would typically see on the internet. Dominate Finance promises to provide users with monthly profits of 8% – 20% by way of Bitcoin Mining. They claim to hold the best guaranteed income with transparent payout statistics anyone can see. Unfortunately, there is a bit of shadiness around the company.

The website looks cheesy, full of bright colors designed to distract people from the reality of their likely fake promises. The company operates as any other cryptocurrency investment platform from all appearances. But anyone who is involved in cryptocurrency, know online mining operations like Dominate Finance, typically provide no return on profits.

Claims of owning a portion of the mining equipment is promised, but there is no backing on this. Although it would be beneficial for a new user to have a trusted mining operations team to take care of all technical aspects, it’s very likely Dominate Finance isn’t actually maintaining mining equipment as they say.

How Dominate Finance Bitcoin Mining Offer Works

The company promises to provide all users with the ultimate experience related to a mining operation, providing investors with fully reliable commission reports, payout process information, and mining pool analytics. Again, none of this can be found anywhere on the website from all research standpoints.

Another promise made by Dominate Finance is their promise of being professional cryptocurrency miners, providing consistent commissions paid out to the investors putting money into the company. Operating on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is another part of the services they provide, giving users a high rate of liquidity within the major exchanges, such as: Poloneix, Kraken, Bittrex, and Binance.

Dominate Finance Conclusion

A real business model is supposedly at the core of Dominate Finance, but there is no evidence to support the claim. Even though they make promises of running a global corporation, operating in Belize, England, Hong Kong, the USA and Russia – the website shows no information on any proof of the claim.

Like all the claims on the website, Dominate Finance has no useful information to prove numbers, metrics or analytics, instead focusing primarily on the hype of their unrealistic mining promises. For all purposes of safety, Dominate Finance seems to be a scam operation to be avoided at all costs.

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  1. I have risked 200$ in dorminant finance. their offer is irrestible. But i know it wont hurt me much if i lost this money there. Thanks so much for the review. But i think from the low payouts it will last for long.


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