Dona Coin ICO (DNC Token) Review: Blockchain Donation Platform?

For so many years now, the issue of donations has been on the rise as less privileged individual depend on others to boost their livelihood. And although there are so many good people out there who are ready to offer, help, some take advantage of the opportunity to benefit themselves. It’s for this reason that people are losing trust in the system thus the need for a solution, such as the one DONA stands to offer.

What’s DONA?

DONA is a digital platform that sets to offer a transparent donation platform that will be accessible to interested stakeholders, through the famous blockchain technology. The developers believe that through transparency the flow of donations and community building would increase awareness of the real motive behind this noble gesture to everyone involved.

dona home page

Features Of DONA

The DONA platform seeks to make use of various tools of operation on its platform for a better donation venture for its users;

  • The Dona Coin which users will acquire through purchasing the Dona token on the exchange listings. The coins will be used to transact donations.
  • The blockchain technology for efficient and transparency in all transactions
  • Use of the blockchain NEM Wallet to pool Dona Coins before they get distribution to relevant projects
  • Automatic donor funds distributions to eliminate biases in the fulfillment of projects according to the set on-platform conditions.

The use of wallet goes through Multisig configuration to ensure that all cash donations to various recipients include more than one-person signature. The benefits will also spread to relief supplies that would include an automatic link to suppliers.

How Does DONA Work?

The system would include a community of stakeholders that would include; individual or corporate donors, donation receivers as organizations or individuals and suppliers of relief supplies. Interested parties in either role would purchase DONA tokens to be part of the ecosystem.

Once that’s done, they can use the exchange platform that would enable fiat to Cryptocurrency transactions to raise funds. The funds reach the various beneficiaries depending on their needs and once they meet the already set standards of operation.

Users also stand to gain incentives for referring others to the platform and through early purchase bonuses.

Sales information

The DONA platform would plan to issue a total supply of 3,700,000,000 Dona Coins (DNC) in two stages;

  • Pre-ICO-1st June 2018-15th June 2018- Minimum 100,000,000 DNC
  • ICO –Stage one-2nd July 2018- 31st July 2018- Minimum 700,000,000 DNC

Stage two-3rd September 2018-28th September 2018- Minimum 700,000,000 DNC

The basic token price at both stages would be $0.01 per 1 DNC with a minimum purchase amount of $100 (100,000DNC.

The accepted currencies would be; NEM (XEM), BTC, ETH. The target for soft cap is $1,000,000 and $15,000,000 Hard cap.

The delivery of tokens is two weeks after the token sale. The token distribution would include;

  • 10% stakeholders
  • 70% ICO
  • 20% reserve

User distribution would involve 10% administration, 20% marketing, and 70% development of the soft cap. 20% operation, 40% marketing, and 40% development of the hard cap.

Dona Coin Conclusion

Overall, we find the DONA site well organized with all relevant information in place for both upcoming and established parties. The plan seems realistic and if everything goes as by the white paper, then this could be an excellent opportunity for interested parties, However, we urge you to invest with caution as you wait to see how things turn out.

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