Dona Partners

Current donations platforms are faced with problems that discourage most sponsors who would like to donate. One of these challenges is the unknown donations usage, which puts to question the reliability of charity organizations. While the number of NPOs has increased, donations are concentrated only on the major NPOs due to the lack of interest in the understanding of NPOs.

Another challenge is the high remittance fees on donations that include bank transfer fees and overseas remittance fees among others. Additionally, there is the issue of donations being given to those who might not need them leaving those in need still suffering. It is against this background that Dona was developed.

What Is Dona Partners?

Dona partners is a donation platform that makes donation accessible to everyone with the assistance of blockchain technology. The use of this innovative technology allows for transparency, as the flow of donations is visible on the blockchain. The platform also hopes to build a community that can share the best practices in donations.

How Dona Partners Cryptocurrency Donation Platform Works

The project was started with the aim of provision of a new sense of donations value by use of blockchain technology and to make the world a better place by use of investments. Donations require greater reliability and transparency, which is possible due to the use of blockchain technology.

Further, the use of blockchain technology allows more donations to reach recipients as the fees are reduced since there are no longer intermediaries involved. The burden of service operation is also reduced allowing more recipients to get more donations. The use of blockchain is bound to benefit the target area of the donations.

The Dona platform with the help of blockchain technology ensures transparency in donation activities while still building a community that can share information about charity organizations, successful experiences, and assessments in the provision of donations.

The platform makes donations a means of improving society by the sharing of the hands-on experience others have had and donating to activities of the community member’s choice. The platform also enhances understanding, interest, and empathy when it comes to donation markets.

Dona Partners Features


The use of blockchain technology improves reliability and clarification of donations usage. The flow of donations is open and protected from tampering. The intermediate traders are eliminated allowing donations to be given directly to your support activities of the community member’s choice. This also reduces the remittance fees making it lower compared to other remittance methods.

Response View

The recipients have a chance to voice their view. The achievements and activities of the charity organizations can be conveyed. Those who donate can enhance the reliability of the charity organizations by asking questions and reviewing their work. It is also possible to share and distribute donations to different charities.

Donation Cycle

Due to the ability to visualize the donation process, donors will be encouraged to donate more and they can also improve the accessibility of donations to charitable organizations. Donors will also feel pleasure knowing their donations are changing lives and they will be motivated to share with others their experience of using the platform.

Dona Partners DNC Token ICO Details

The DNC token will be used to collect and remit donations. The total supply of DNC tokens will be 3,700,000,000 and 47.3% of these will be supplied during the public sale. The accepted currencies during the public sale that is currently underway and set to end on 31st August 2018 include NEM, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The price of the token is 1 DNC=0.01 USD.

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