Dorado DOR ICO Review

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have dominated their markets without even owning cars or real estate. The blockchain technology is enabling many other companies to do the same. Today we are going to review a company whose objective is to star amongst Uber and Airbnb in the top: Dorado.

What is Dorado DOR?

Dorado DOR is an on-demand delivery company which uses blockchain technology in its business. This company, which already exists for some time, is planning an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon. The company was originally founded as “Foodout” and it was a food delivery platform (like iFood and these other apps that you use to ask for food at home).

Foodout already operated in 6 different countries and was worth more than 50 million before it decided to change its course. Now the company is focused on delivering more than food. What Dorado is trying to do is to create a system to move goods around cities and having anything being delivered on-demand to anybody.

This company is backed by international investors like the Goldfish Fund and the Chernovetskyi Investment Group, which have already raised more than $4 million USD for the company to invest in the blockchain market.

Dorado claims to have everything that it needs to develop a profitable business in this market: funding from these two companies, know-how acquired during the Foodout Group phase of the company and experience with robots, drones and creation of user-friendly apps to be used by the customers of the company.

In fact, the company claims that its objective is to have a $215 billion USD global on-demand delivery market by 2020? Too ambitious? Maybe, but if the company reaches even half of this value, it will be a very valuable company.

How Does Dorado Work?

How will the company achieve its objective of becoming the Uber of the on-demand delivery? Using the blockchain technology, of course. By using its HyperLocal Logistics platform, which is a blockchain-based software, Dorado will connect people which intend to receive goods with local couriers.

The company will create a user-friendly app and its users will be able to order anything that they want via this app if there are couriers available nearby. By using the HyperLocal app, the user can connect with couriers, drones and robots that can deliver anything without the customer does not even needing to leaving its home.

The online platform will have thousands of options, letting you browse via different sections and stores. You will be able to order food, pharmacy goods, groceries and many other products with only a few taps.

Dorado will also use artificial intelligence to analyze the previous orders from a certain client and suggest products or couriers that will make the delivery faster.

How to Invest in Dorado DOR?

Are you interested in investing in this company? If you are, you have searched for Dorado at the right time because the company will have its own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soon. The ICO will begin on February 7 and it will last until April 25. That’s quite a lot of time for an ICO, surely.

Depending on when you start to invest in this ICO, you will receive a different bonus. If you invest during the first two weeks, your bonus will be 33%. At every one or two weeks later the bonus will drop 5% until it reaches 7% from April 18 to April 25.

The soft cap of the sale is 3450 ETH and the hard cap is 59,670 ETH. All the remaining tokens will be burned via smart contract after the sale.

The company promises that in 5 years you will have a return on investment of at least 1200%.

The Dorado DOR ICO Verdict

Is Dorado a good investment for you? It really looks like it is. As far as we are concerned, Dorado is neither a scam nor an untrustworthy company. Because of this, you can be quite sure that you will at least receive some profit from investing in this company.

Will this company be the next Uber? Are the claims of a 1200% return on investment true? That is impossible to say. The return on investment might be lower (or even bigger) than that, but only time will tell. The only affirmation that we can currently make right now is that is investing in Dorado looks like a really great idea that will be able to pay very well in the future.

So, if you liked our review about Dorado, visit the company’s site and decide if this can be a great investment for you. We are certain that Dorado might be a very interesting option at least.

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  1. The dorado ico is a SCAM they make all sorts of claims on the website that aren’t true they try to make it look like you are investing in a already profitable bisness but that’s not the case they have no revenue what so ever. Dorado is a start up in drone delivery so they would have to compete with company’s like amazon and alfabet. But this is not what they are comunicating. All the claims maid on the site like the 6227% growth is of a diferent company called foodoutgroup if you invised in dorado you do not invest in foodoutgroup even tho they try to make it look that way!!

    dorado has nothing its a start up last year they dind exist but they say that they deliverd a pizza into space in 2012??? that was foodoutgroup that company has nothing to do with this ico

  2. Klik, thanks. I sought out this review because I felt that their aim is suspect. I do not really find their whitepaper convincing. There are is to dot and ts to croas, jntil then, i am out.

  3. Mr. Klik
    We deeply regret about your experience with Dorado ICO. Besides that, not everyone can be happy. Foodout business is already operating in 6 countries with +50M in sales, 1M active users, +4M orders and 6227% growth in 3 years. Dorado’s vision is to go beyond the food delivery, to deliver “anything customer wants”. Did you read white paper? Really?! Maybe was a different ICO? Anyways, we respect your opinion;)


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