Up until now, there hadn’t been a more humane way of using the ingenious blockchain technology to solve our everyday ills and make the world a better place. We’ve had blockchain-powered platforms of almost everything under the sun, including those that promote making donations to charities in form of cryptocurrency. Other projects have focused on eliminating corruption, easing the way global business is done and offering other worthwhile solutions to live.

But unless you get to know more about Dorae, either by reading the whole of this review or going through “Blockchain platform to combat child labor in mining,” you might not get to feel inspired.

What Is Dorae?

Dorae (or DORÆ) is a blockchain-based global chain accountability platform whose execution will solve issues around the lack of trust between parties within the network. Thanks to two entrepreneurs with a human heart and creative minds, Dorae will offer Ethereum-based solutions that will follow the journey of a gem from where it’s mined to the market. The aim is to eliminate such ills as child labor in minerals mining, bridge the enormous information disconnect in the global supply chain and offer a lasting solution.

dorae homepage

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain-based storage of data – this refers to the architecture or the backbone of this whole system whose mandate is to store large chunks of data on the aforementioned areas. This technology is perfect for tracking and tracing a supply chain and bringing in the aspect of ‘trust’ that is hard to find amongst those who work under the same supply chain.

Incredibly, this idea isn’t a novelty anymore. As at now, piloting is taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a place where lots of the minerals exported to nearly every corner of the world are sourced from. The focus of Dorae under this project in Africa is Cobalt, Coltan and Diamond mines, though another fascinating development that involves tracing wine and coffee is underway too.

Areas Where Dorae Will Cover

  • Supply Chains – this comprises of all the major modern manufacturing processes that manufacture and distribute various essential needs to every corner of the world.
  • Raw materials – it includes that raw materials and minerals mined and flown to different parts of the planet. Basically, the platform will work hard to eliminate exploitations in their point of origin; child labor, environmental degradation, financing, etc.

The Roadmap And The ICO

Work on actualizing this idea started with case analysis and feasibility work in 2014, and it ended in 2017. This culminated in a series of events that began in 2018 and are poised to be over by the end of the year 2018. The year 2019 will see Dorae system operating fully.

Dorae ICO – Token Sale Details

  • Token Symbol: DAE
  • Pre-sale period: 26th March to 31st May, 2018
  • Tokens: 20,000,000
  • Price during pre-sale: 1DAE = 0.03 Eth
  • Pre-sale Bonus: 0.3 DAE for every token
  • Main sale: 1st June to 30th June
  • Price during main sale: 1DAE = 0.003 ETH (no bonus)
  • Tokens: 50,000,000

Dorae Conclusion

Dorae has quite an innovative idea. It is a project founded in Cayman’s Island and has a notable team led by Ricardo Santos Silva and Aba Schubert. Going by the Whitepaper and the overall idea, you have every reason to invest in its ICO. Give it a shot!

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